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Interactive exhibits

The future of 5G

From smart mines to intuitive retail, discover how 5G is transforming your industry. This exhibit lets you explore a range of innovations and use cases from Telstra that are enabling companies to become more efficient, safe and sustainable.

Automatic, systematic, hydromatic

Looking to automate a routine business process or an entire supply chain? This exhibit shows how Telstra and our partners take a 4-stage approach to unify IT/OT and IoT systems and leverage the power of data to speed up tasks and processes with robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Explore our Tours & Workshops

Explore our Tours

Optimise your business

Tour: 45minutes

Could smarter operations bring you a smarter business? This tour will show you how to create an efficient, data-driven business using the power of emerging technologies – from autonomous vehicles to industrial automation, robotics, AI-driven supply chains, 5G apps and vehicle-to-anything communications.

Security Operations Centre (SOC)

Tour: up to 60 minutes
Ideal for any organisation planning on strengthening their cybersecurity.

You’ll be taken inside one of our SOCs to witness how Telstra’s network is protected 24/7 with multi-layered security, expert AI-driven monitoring and sophisticated observability tools. Discover how this level of protection is available to you as a managed service. Please note: this tour requires a minimum of two weeks’ notice.

Explore our Workshops

Purple Strategy engagement

This offering helps you define challenges, understand your most important business opportunities, align their people around an agreed approach and devise a strategy to execute. Experts will work with you to help you obtain clarity on business value, vision and metrics that matter. The engagement will surface new ideas and potential paths forward, as well as their relative value, to create an agreed roadmap with prioritised actions.

Purple Labs 5-day design sprint

Working with Purple Labs over a 5-day design sprint, you’ll have the opportunity to rapidly validate ideas and de-risk new projects. The process includes research, problem definition, articulation of the future state, defining a plan to move forward, and embedding a delivery team to build your solution.

Empower your workforce in a hybrid world. ​ Book a Telstra Purple Mobile Maturity Assessment

The Mobile Maturity Assessment is a rapid and comprehensive evaluation of an organisation’s mobility characteristics across eleven interrelated capabilities to identify areas to grow to better serve your organisation and its people. ​

When was your last cloud security review?

Book a Telstra Purple Cloud Security Assessment
Telstra Purple can help review and stress test your current cloud procedures and processes.

We assess AWS and Azure environments with the goal of uplifting your current posture to meet and exceed domestic and international standards.​

Available assessments​
  • Cloud Strategy Roadmap for modernisation and optimisation​​

  • Cyber Security Essentials Assessment​

  • IoT Readiness Assessment​​

  • Automation Assessment​

Cyber Security Essentials Assessment

Your current security posture matters. Let's stress test it together. Understanding your security posture and maintaining vigilance are key to protecting your business, brand and intellectual property from cyber security threats and malicious activities.

Industrial network site assessment

For existing operations, Aqura can provide a specialist review, identifying opportunities to optimise and evolve your industrial network to provide better outcomes for your automation objectives.  You’ll receive a high-level overview of your infrastructure and requirements, technology suitability for your use case(s), analysis of factors such as spectrum availability and congestion and a cost estimate.

Telstra Edge for industrial automation

This Telstra Purple facilitated engagement takes you from industrial automation concept to proof of concept. We’ll work with you to design, architect and implement a solution using AWS ruggedised Edge hardware in a distributed cloud environment that enables you to build and run applications on premise, where your data is generated.

Quantium 1-day data science workshop

This one-day consulting engagement with Quantium will provide insights into the world of data science and advice on how to advance your company’s data analytics maturity. You’ll learn about best practice and relevant use cases, as well as where your organisation sits on the data science maturity curve. We will also workshop an initial view of your priority initiatives.

muru-D Telstra Labs

Workshop: Time varies

muru-D Telstra Labs is where Telstra's Products & Technology organisation incubates cutting-edge products for real-world challenges in industry verticals. We specialise in 5G, IoT, connectivity, edge computing, spatial insights, and applied AI. Using in-house expertise and collaborating with industry partners, we co-create products that meet market demands.

Melbourne CIC workshops
  • 5G innovations and use cases with live 5G speed tests 
  • Blockchain provenance tracking 
  • SIM swap and anti-fraud APIs connecting to Telco data points 
  •  Augmented Reality wayfinding 
  • IoT Bluetooth tag tracking and V2X transport solutions 

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