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Sensibo Sky Smart AC Wi-Fi Controller


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    Make any existing split system air conditioner smart with Sensibo Sky. The controller adds energy saving features with convenience & control from your smartphone or PC.

    How does Sensibo work?

    • Think of Sensibo as a remote control that you can take with you, your smartphone is now your remote.
    • The Sensibo device is placed in a room & connects to your Wi-Fi network allowing it to send commands to your split system type air conditioner from wherever you are.
    • The array of smart features allows Sensibo to do so much more than your old remote, including, voice control, scheduling and even turn off when you leave the house.
    • You need one Sensibo device for each air conditioner.

    Save up to 40% energy

    Choose from a variety of easy energy saving features to best suit your situation, 7 day-scheduling, geo-fencing, filter cleaning alerts & climate react; the more you combine the better the saving!

    Easy 7 day unlimited scheduling

    Turn your AC on or off as many times as you want to fit your weekly schedule. Ensure your AC is off at the end of the day or turn on at a different time each day. There is no limit to the number of events you need.

    Climate React

    • Automate reaction to actual room temperature, on a hot day set the AC to cool if temperature gets to say, 28°C on a cold day set AC to heat if room goes below say, 16°C.
    • Great saving for pet owners who usually leave the AC on all day & households with summer solar generation.
    • Trigger automated response to temperature or humidity.

    Voice Control

    Control with your voice using Google, Alexa or Siri shortcuts. You can ask for current room conditions or make changes using your voice. Native Google & Alexa video hubs feature Sensibo control panels to enable features like temperature slide controls.

    Location based on / off

    • Commonly referred to as geo-fencing, using your location Sensibo can turn your AC off when you leave & on before you arrive. It’s a great way to ensure the AC is off when no one is home & pre-cool or heat a room for a comfy arrival.
    • Works on last person to leave or first to arrive if you have multiple users set up on a device.

    Share with friends & colleagues

    You can share your Sensibo device with as many people as you like, the whole family can control an individual AC or just you. Sharing a device is as simple as sending a link via SMS, Email, messenger, Whatsapp etc … to whoever you want.

    PC Control

    Included with Sensibo is a web-app allowing complete control & monitoring via any PC, laptop, or tablet.

    Easy set-up

    Set-up takes less than 5 minutes. After downloading the Sensibo app, our wizard guides you through the steps of choosing your Wi-Fi  network, copying your AC remote, sharing with users & setting location (optional but needed for geo-fencing).

    • Dimensions (Sky unit): 5.5 x 8.3 x 2 cm (L x H x D)

    • Weight (Sky unit): 43g

    • Power: AC Power: micro USB (supplied adapter)

    • Sensibo Sky Device

    • 1m micro USB cable

    • AC Power adapter