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Google Nest Hub Gen 2

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      Music. Shows. Simple smart home control.

      Meet the second-gen Nest Hub from Google, the centre of your helpful home. With Nest Hub in the kitchen, make dinner and catch up on your favourite shows with Netflix or YouTube. Ask Google to show you recipes and follow them hands-free. Play music on the enhanced speaker with YouTube Music, Spotify and more. In the living room, Nest Hub is the one place to control your compatible lights, TV and other smart devices with a tap or your voice. On your bedside table, Nest Hub helps you to wind down at night with soothing sounds and wake up to a Sunrise Alarm. It can even help you to get a better night’s sleep with Sleep Sensing.

      Everything’s better with music.

      Play songs, podcasts or audiobooks from YouTube Music, Spotify and other streaming services. Music sounds great with 50% more bass than the original Nest Hub. See what’s playing and browse your playlists. Tap to play, pause, change tracks or adjust the volume, or just say “Hey Google”. And create a speaker group with your other Nest speakers and displays to fill your home with sound.

      So much to watch.

      Just ask Google to play your favourite shows and movies on Netflix, YouTube and Disney+. Catch up on sports highlights on YouTube. And find how-to videos on just about anything. Tap the display to control playback and the volume or use your voice.

      Your home’s control centre.

      Nest Hub shows all your compatible connected smart devices in one place, so you can control them with a tap. Or just ask Google. And with an additional mic on the second-gen Nest Hub, it hears you better than ever.

      Wake up gently.

      The Sunrise Alarm on Nest Hub makes waking up a little easier. It gradually brightens the Nest Hub display and increases the alarm volume. With Quick Gestures just wave your hand to snooze the alarm.

      Wind down easily.

      The ‘Your evening’ page helps you to wind down at night and get ready for the day ahead. Fall asleep with a bedtime countdown and relaxing sounds. And turn off your compatible lights, set alarms and check your morning schedule.

      An effortless way to track your sleep.

      With Nest Hub on your bedside table, Sleep Sensing can track when you go to bed, when you wake up and how long you’ve slept. Sleep Sensing uses Motion Sense to detect movement and breathing – without a camera. Over time, it learns your sleep patterns and gives you personalised insights and recommendations to help you to get a good night’s sleep. Sleep Sensing is available for preview until next year. After preview ends, paid subscription may be required.

      Take on the day.

      Nest Hub helps your family to stay organised all day long. Just ask Google to set reminders, timers and alarms. With Voice Match, everyone can see and hear their own schedule, commute, reminders and even favourite playlists.

      Hands-free help.

      Just ask Google about the weather, sports or almost anything, and get quick answers.

      Keep your family connected.

      Nest Hub works with all your Nest speakers and displays to keep everyone in sync. Broadcast messages across the house – tell everyone that dinner’s ready or it’s time to go. Chat from room to room. And stay connected with Duo audio calls.

      The ultimate digital photo frame.

      When you’re not using Nest Hub, it shows off your best shots from Google Photos automatically. The colours on the screen adjust to the light in the room, so your photos aren’t too bright or too dim.

      Just wave your hand.

      You can use Quick Gestures to control many Nest Hub features. Play or pause a song or video, snooze an alarm and stop a timer. Quick Gestures use Motion Sense to detect when your hand moves – without a camera.

      Nest Hub respects your privacy.

      You can turn off the mic at any time with the mic switch. And easily clear your Google Assistant history whenever you want. See for details on how Nest Hub manages your information.

      It’s beautifully designed.

      Nest Hub’s simple design and subtle colours fit any room. And it’s made with the environment in mind. The enclosure is made from 54% recycled plastic.

      Dimensions and weight

      • Height: 120.4 mm (4.7")
      • Width: 177.4 mm (7.0")
      • Depth: 69.5 mm (2.7")
      • Power cable: 1.5 m (59.0")
      • 558 g (19.7 oz)


      • 7" touchscreen (1024 x 600)

      Speaker and mics

      • Full-range speaker with 43.5 mm (1.7") driver
      • 3x far-field microphones
      • Mic off switch
      • Google Assistant built in
      • Voice Match technology
      • Ultrasound sensing


      • Soli sensor for Motion Sense
      • Ambient EQ light sensor
      • Temperature sensor


      • DC power jack


      • 15 W power adaptor


      • 802.11b/g/n/ac (2.4 GHz/5 GHz) Wi-Fi
      • Bluetooth® 5.0
      • Chromecast built in
      • 802.15.4 (at 2.4 GHz) Thread support (functionality not yet available)


      • Quad-core 64-bit 1.9 GHz ARM CPU
      • High-performance ML hardware engine

      What’s in the box

      • Power adaptor
      • Quick start guide
      • Privacy card
      • Safety and warranty booklet


      • Nearby electrical socket
      • Wi-Fi network
      • Compatible mobile device (Android, iOS)

      Google Nest Hub requires a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet, and a compatible (Android, iOS) mobile device. Minimum OS requirements are available at the Google website. iOS is a trademark of Cisco and is used under license. Sleep Sensing is not intended to diagnose, cure, mitigate, prevent or treat any disease or condition. Consult your healthcare professional if you have questions about your health. Device placement and nearby people, pets, or noises can cause inaccurate readings. Subscription services may be required.