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Shokz Open Run

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      Bone conduction leap of faith

      The exceptional audio quality is unimaginable with the current bone conduction technology in the market.

      More bass less vibration

      Openrun vibration is 30 degree tilted against face, this allows more bass dynamic range and less vibration feelings.

      Excellent mid to high frequency response

      The vibration in human voice range and a little higher is purer with smooth frequency response curve that OpenRun is comparable or even excels traditional earbuds.

      50% leakage reduction

      OpnRun removed the LeakSlayer holes on the Air and made the headphone waterproof and aesthetically pleasing. It also reduced the leakage by 50% compared to Air.

      30% smaller and 13% lighter

      Powered PremiumPitch 2.0+, OpenRun is smaller and more powerful.

      IP67 waterproof

      Submersible up to 1 meter deep for 0.5 hours. Completely sweat proof with sweat alarm when charging the headphone.

      8 hours of music & calls

      OpenRun feature 8 hours of music and calls to keep you powered up for long training sessions.

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