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Sprout Wireless Car Charger

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      • Take all of Sprout's productivity-enabling technology with you on the road. The Wireless In-Car Charger offers super-fast charging for Qi compatible devices!

      • Qi compatible
      • 180O rotation
      • Super-fast charge 10W
      • 5mm charging distance
      • Connects to window or dashboard

      Note- The Sprout Wireless Car Charger features arms and a foot base to support the phone whilst charging. To ensure optimum charging, the case or phone should not exceed the following dimensions:

      • Maximum width of phone or case = 91mm

      • Maximum height of phone or case = 168mm (164mm for iPhone)

      • Maximum thickness of case = 5mm (3mm for iPhone) 

      The phone must also be compatible with Qi charging.  The foot base can be extended or retracted at the bottom for optimal charging coil alignment.