Governance documents and information

Board and Board Committee Charters

Our Board and Board Committees operate in accordance with the following:


Corporate Governance Statement and Annual Report

Our governance arrangements and practices are outlined in:

Code of Conduct and Other Company Policies

Together with our Telstra Values, our Code of Conduct and policy framework set out the standards of behaviour we expect of our people. These include:

Our policy framework includes and is supported by our Whistleblowing Policy (PDF, 291KB) and process. Our whistleblowing process provides an avenue for anyone to report suspected unethical, illegal or improper conduct, including about misconduct or an improper state of affairs. It is supported by an independent service provider and all disclosures are treated confidentially and can be made anonymously. For easy reference, we’ve created a short quick guide on the whistleblowing policy (PDF, 166KB), and further information regarding whistleblowing at Telstra is provided at

Other Documents, Reports and Information

Managing our tax affairs

We apply the Australian Board of Taxation’s Voluntary Tax Transparency Code, and the recommended disclosures are provided here and in Note 2.4 of the Financial Statements in our Annual Reports.