Corporate Governance

Governance at Telstra.

We are committed to excellence in corporate governance, transparency and accountability. This is essential for the long-term performance and sustainability of our company, and to protect and enhance the interests of our shareholders and other stakeholders.

Our governance arrangements and practices play an integral role in supporting our business and helping us deliver on our strategy.

They provide the structure through which our strategy and business objectives are set, our performance is monitored, and the risks we face are managed.

They include a clear framework for decision making and accountability across our business and provide guidance on the standards of behaviour we expect of each other.

Governance framework

Telstra complies with the fourth edition of the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations, and we review our governance practices in light of current and emerging corporate governance developments of relevance to our company, and to reflect market practice, expectations and regulatory changes as appropriate.

Our 2023 Corporate Governance Statement, which provides more information about governance at Telstra and summarises our governance arrangements and practices during FY23, is provided on the Governance documents and information page, together with copies of our Board and Board Committee Charters, some of our key policies and other governance documents and information. Also provided is our ASX Appendix 4G, which is a checklist cross-referencing the ASX Recommendations to the relevant disclosures in our 2023 Corporate Governance Statement and elsewhere.

On 31 October 2022, Telstra Group Limited became the new listed head entity of the Telstra Group following implementation of the top hat component of the scheme of arrangement between Telstra Corporation Limited and its shareholders. Telstra Group Limited has substantially the same corporate governance framework and arrangements as Telstra Corporation Limited had when it was the listed head entity of the Telstra Group.