On 1 July 2018, we created Telstra InfraCo, a standalone infrastructure business unit within Telstra, to provide greater visibility to the market of the value of this business and create more optionality for the future. Telstra InfraCo serves three customer segments, with more than 200 customers in total: Wholesale in Australia, nbn Co, and the broader Telstra organisation.

As Telstra’s dedicated infrastructure business, Telstra InfraCo is reinventing the way Australia's telecommunications infrastructure is built and managed and will open up new and easier ways for customers to access our infrastructure portfolio.

At Investor Day in November 2019, we announced our plans to shift Telstra InfraCo’s asset boundaries to include mobile towers, all fibre, and network supporting infrastructure. PSTN, legacy fixed, and satellite infrastructure were moved back into Telstra. This move allowed us to maximise the value of our infrastructure assets and strengthen our financial position for our future.

We announced the design of Telstra InfraCo’s new structure: a simpler, end-to-end operating model that aligns with the consolidation of our core infrastructure assets into the one Telstra function.

On April 1 we marked the first day of Telstra InfraCo’s new matrix operating model and structure, and from July 1 we took accountability for the new asset boundaries.

Telstra InfraCo is now accountable for 250,000 kilometres of fibre optic cable, 360,000 kilometres of ducts, 8,000 mobile towers, masts and poles, 5,000 exchanges, two data centres, and access to 400,000 kilometres of subsea cables.

We also launched a new brand identity to establish Telstra InfraCo as a specialist infrastructure business.

By separating our infrastructure assets out under Telstra InfraCo, we’re creating the opportunity to commercialise these assets more effectively to drive more value as well as create optionality for the future and ensuring InfraCo is ready for the potential to take in capital.