Telstra 5G is ready for business.
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5G is the next generation in mobile technology

5G will transform the way we work, connecting devices faster, at higher quality.
That’s why Telstra’s building Australia’s first 5G.

Why 5G for your business?


More capacity

Better performance in crowded places.



Faster speeds

High-speed downloads and uploads for streaming and sharing large files.



Less latency

Increased responsiveness for connected devices and the Internet of Things.

5G-enabled devices for your business


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What's the latest on 5G?

Customer receiving a 5G device from Telstra

The biggest game-changing feature of 5G

Every new generation of mobile technology, from 1G to 4G, has heralded faster speeds and more functionality. Now we are headed towards 5G – the next-generation of wireless technology that ultimately promises to assist in delivering the kind of speeds that let you download a 3GB HD film in seconds (compared to around a minute or two for the latest 4...

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Customer receiving a 5G device from Telstra

5G is set to change the world, and business, forever

5G networks across the globe are set to change the very nature of wireless connectivity, with predictions suggesting they could have the same impact as the introduction of mobile phones. As with most advancements in technology, 5G will shape the way businesses operate, so it’s time to brush up on the latest information and potential implications of...

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Customer receiving a 5G device from Telstra

How you can get first access to 5G devices

Telstra's Chief Executive Officer Andrew Penn was recently in Las Vegas for world-leading electronics trade show CES. He writes in, with no shortage of excitement, to announce how you can get first access to 5G devices in Australia. This year, 5G is a major focus and the amount of connected gear on display here is proof our big 5G network rollout a...

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