How to boost your EFTPOS resilience

Explore ways to enhance your payment system’s resilience. Tips to minimise the impact of disruptions and help you keep taking payments.
· 04 April 2024 · 4 minute read

Take proactive steps to maximise EFTPOS resilience

With many businesses relying heavily on EFTPOS to accept payments, knowing how to keep your EFTPOS solutions running during power or internet disruptions is an essential aspect of your business resilience.

The good news is there are steps you can take to prepare for these occurrences and help you to keep processing payments. In this article, we explore back-up options that offer flexibility and can help you keep your business running smoothly.

EFTPOS solutions can connect to the internet via either a fixed or a mobile internet service. While network providers try their best to avoid connectivity disruptions, they do happen and for a range of reasons, including natural disasters and other unexpected events.

It’s rare for both fixed and mobile services to both be disrupted at the same time or to the same degree. So, the most effective way to minimise the risk of interruptions is to ensure your EFTPOS solutions can access both fixed and mobile internet connections.

Below we explore different ways EFTPOS solutions can connect, so you can plan back-up options to help minimise the impact of disruptions.


Options for EFTPOS connectivity

Different types of devices connect to the internet in different ways. Understanding the options available for the EFTPOS solutions you’re using will help you plan back-up strategies. You might also decide it’s worth investing in new EFTPOS devices to build more flexibility in how you can take payments.

Fixed internet and mobile back-up

If you usually connect your EFTPOS machine to the internet via a fixed internet service, the simplest way to ensure back up is to choose a business internet plan and modem that includes mobile back up.

Business internet plans that include mobile back-up let you automatically switch to mobile network in the event of a fixed network disruption. Your EFTPOS machine can keep running over the Wi-Fi or ethernet connection to your modem. You don’t need to do anything and likely won’t even notice it switching networks. So long as the mobile network connection to your modem is not disrupted your EFTPOS machine will stay connected.

Dual connectivity EFTPOS devices

Some EFTPOS devices offer dual connectivity. This means they have a mobile terminal built-in or the ability for you to insert a mobile SIM card. They can connect directly to a mobile network via 4G, as well as to your fixed internet service. If your fixed modem and plan do not include mobile back up, these could be viable options for you.

These EFTPOS devices can access the mobile network in the same way as mobile phones. Coverage is defined by the selected network provider’s mobile coverage footprint. You can check expected mobile coverage availability via mobile network coverage maps online.

As well as offering back-up, dual connectivity EFTPOS devices can offer greater flexibility in where you can take payments. They’re not limited to the boundaries of your Wi-Fi coverage when connected to the mobile network. This means the mobile backup feature is also useful if you need to take occasional payments on the go, like making a delivery, seeing customers at their location, or attending the weekend markets.

Contactless payments on your mobile phone

An alternate backup option if your EFTPOS machine lacks mobile back-up is to consider payment applications that work on your mobile phone. These EFTPOS solutions work via an app installed on your mobile device rather than carrying a standalone EFTPOS device. They use your mobile phone’s data connection to process payments. This can be a great option to give your business extra capability and flexibility to take payments outside of usual business operations, without the need to carry additional devices.

If you’re looking for a ‘payments on the go’ solution specifically, a great option is a payment tile or puck. These fit in your pocket and connect to your mobile device via Bluetooth. They use your phone’s mobile network connection to process transactions.


Plan ahead to keep your payments flowing

Disruptions to your EFTPOS services can be a significant challenge to your business. While disruptions may not be everyday occurrences, it’s wise to think about backup options as part of risk management and business continuity planning.

Make sure you’re clear on connectivity options and how to switch between them if this doesn’t happen automatically on your devices. Many manufacturers offer content online with instructions for specific device models.

Consider if it’s worth diversifying the EFTPOS devices you have in place. Having more than one type of EFTPOS solution can help eliminate down time and help your business be more agile.

Taking proactive steps to enhance your EFTPOS resilience can help keep your business operating, even in the event of disruptions.

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