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  • MessageBank

    The easy way to answer when you’re away from your phone, on another call, or you simply can’t answer.

    MessageBank® provides a personal answering service if a phone line is busy or can’t be answered. Callers are greeted with the user’s own personal greeting and then asked to leave a message which can be retrieved from any phone.

    To activate a MessageBank service, please complete this form.

    How do I use it?

    • The first time you call your MessageBank service, voice prompts will guide you through recording your personal greeting and setting a PIN. Follow the prompts to set up your mailbox.
    • You will not need to enter the PIN when calling your MessageBank from your business phone but you will need it if calling from another fixed or mobile service.

    Accessing MessageBank

    • To access MessageBank from the phone it’s connected to:

    • message-bank-001



      If prompted for a PIN:


    • To access MessageBank from another fixed or mobile phone within Australia:

    • message-bank-003

      When Prompted:


      (Phone number including area code)



    • To access MessageBank from services connected to some PABXs or to other carriers, call 1800 135 102.
    • To access MessageBank from phone services in other countries call +61 418 707 102 followed by:

    • message-bank-003

    Then your:






    Changing your PIN and/or greeting

    The PIN can be changed at any time and, if you prefer the added security of PIN protection when calling MessageBank from your business phone, the settings can be changed as follows.

    Call MessageBank and press 9 to access the Main Menu, then:
    3 for the Setup menu, then
    3 for the PIN Change menu, then
    1 to change the PIN or
    2 for Security Settings, then
    1 to turn off Optional PIN.

    When Optional PIN is on, you will need to enter your PIN whenever you call your mailbox.

    When Optional PIN is off, your PIN will only be required when calling your mailbox from another fixed phone or a mobile.

    Managing your messages

    You’ll know you have new messages as soon as you pick up your phone because you’ll hear a special ‘interrupted’ dial tone.

    Or, if you have T1000C or CR2000 rental phones, the special flashing message indicator will let you see if you’ve got new messages at a glance. Call us on 13 2000 to find out more.

    You can also get a text message sent to your Telstra mobile whenever someone leaves you a new message.

    To turn on SMS Message Notifications:


    Select 4 from the menu and follow prompts.

    Listening to messages

    Your messages will play automatically when you call MessageBank.

    After listening to your messages, you can press:
    1 to replay the message<
    2 & 2 to call the person back*
    5 to delete the message and go to the next one.

    Storing messages

    MessageBank automatically stores all your new messages for 14 days, and for seven days once you’ve played them (unless you delete them first).

    You’ll have storage for up to 60 messages of up to five minutes each.

    Knowing who’s called

    If a caller listens to your personal greeting, then hangs up without leaving a message, you can still get their number (as long as it wasn’t blocked or silent) by pressing:
    9 for Main Menu
    3 for Mailbox Set-up
    5 for Mailbox Options
    6 for Hang Up Messages, then choose on.

    MessageBank can store numbers for up to 5 Hang Up Messages at a time.

    MessageBank shortcuts

    Anytime you’re using MessageBank, you can press:

    9 to return to Main Menu
    * to cancel and go back one menu level
    8 for Help

    And when you’re listening to your messages, you can press:

    1 to go back to the start of the message
    2 to go back 8 seconds
    3 to go forward 8 seconds
    3 & 3 to fast forward to the end of the message
    6 to skip to the next message
    7 to pause a message while it is playing
    7 to resume again

    Changing the time before MessageBank answers the call

    Your unanswered calls are usually forwarded to MessageBank after 20 seconds, or about seven rings. However, you can change this to anything from five to 55 seconds.

    To change the time before a call is forwarded:


    Anything else I need to know?

    • MessageBank is available in most areas in Australia.
    • A monthly access charge applies.
    • If you’re already connected to a MessageBank service and require assistance, call our Help Desk on 1800 815 700.


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