1. Log in to Telstra Apps Marketplace
  2. Click Your Name from the top navigation bar, then click My Account from the drop down list. A new account navigation toolbar will appear beneath the primary navigation toolbar. Click Applications to navigate to your application portal. Find the application from the list of your company's applications, then click Manage and a new drop down box will appear. 
  3. You will now be redirected to the Manage Application screen. On this screen you can increase/decrease the quantity of licences your company holds, you can update the edition your company holds, you can assign applications to your team (users) and view the company order history of the application. 
  4. To increase/decrease the licence count, click Update Edition. Your edition may have a series of included licences already. You can see this in the Usage field beneath the name of the application. If you have assigned all the licences you will need to purchase more licences. If you have licences available, then click Assign Users

Please note, some applications have volume based pricing, which means your subscription price is customer to the quantity of licences you hold. An Example of Volume Based Pricing: 1-10 Licences cost $10 per licence, however if you want 11 licences, you would need to upgrade your edition to access more licences 11-20 for $9 per licence. In this scenario, you would need to upgrade your edition, then increase the quantity of licences all within the Update Edition field. 

What happens when I upgrade or downgrade an application?

If you upgrade or downgrade an application or service, the order is processed that day and your bill will be pro-rated accordingly. You’ll have access to the new application or service within 24 hours. 

Some applications and services may have early termination charges (ETCs) if you decide to switch plans. Please refer to our customer terms

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