How do I set up a domain name for Microsoft Office 365?

1. Setting a subdomain

When first purchasing Microsoft Office 365 from the Telstra Apps Marketplace, you will be prompted to enter a subdomain for your Microsoft Office 365 account under the heading Microsoft Office 365 Domain. This subdomain will look like <yoursubdomain> and is required to set up your Microsoft Office 365 account. You will be able to set up Microsoft Office 365 with your own domain name such as at a later step.

Important: Enter any words you like as the subdomain, but this cannot be changed and will be the default domain for your Microsoft Office 365 account so should represent your company name.

2. Adding your own domain name (custom domain)

After setting your subdomain and completing your purchase, you will receive an email confirming that your Office 365 account is ready for you to use. Now you can assign users and add your own domain name (also known as a custom domain).

Note: The following steps will walk you through the setup of your custom domain if your domain name was purchased through Telstra or is already transferred to the Telstra Apps Marketplace. If the domain was transferred, this will require changes to your domain DNS settings. You may manage the DNS changes required through your domain name provider.

If your domain name is with another provider, you may choose to transfer it to Telstra Apps Marketplace by clicking 'My Apps', and under the "Domain Names' app click the settings cog icon and select 'Manage App' then select 'Transfer domain' and follow the steps on screen. If you do not see the 'Domain Names' option you may need to have this set up first. Please call Telstra Apps Marketplace (TAM) Support team on 1800 878 483 or alternatively raise a support ticket

Step 1:

  1. Go to 'MyApps' tab in Telstra Apps Marketplace, click on the settings cog icon for the Office 365 Business service and select 'Manage App'.
  2. Click on the 'Domains' tab, click 'Add Domain' and enter the domain name you would like to use for your Office 365 account. You will need to already own this domain. If you need to purchase a new domain name, please call Telstra Apps Marketplace (TAM) Support team on 1800 878 483 or alternatively raise a support ticket.

Step 2:

The Telstra Apps Marketplace will generate a verification code which needs to be entered into your domain name DNS settings. This step is to ensure that you are the owner of the domain name. Write this code down or copy it. Click the close button (x).

Step 3:

  1. Go to 'My Apps' and click on the 'Domain Names' tile of the domain name you wish to use.
  2. This will load the DNS management portal. Under the section 'TXT Records', enter the '@' symbol in the Hostname field and then enter the verification code in the TXT Value field and click 'Add'. The TXT entry will change to status 'Published'. After this, it may take up to 15 minutes to replicate across the internet, before you can proceed to the next step.

Step 4:

  1. Once the TXT record is published in the DNS management portal, go back to the 'MyApps' tab and click on the management cog for the Office 365 service and select 'Manage App'
  2. Click on the Domains tab, click on the management cog on the unverified Domain entry, and select 'Verify Domain'. You will be presented with this screen, where you can click 'Verify Domain'.
  3. If the DNS entry has been configured correctly, the status of the Domain will change to 'Verified'. Once your Domain is verified, you able to make it the Primary Domain for your Office 365 account.

Step 5:

  1. Next, you will need to log into the Office 365 portal with the admin username and password that you would have received by email.
  2. Once you have logged onto the Office365 Management Portal, select the 'Domains' tab on the left hand side.
  3. On the Primary Domain, click on the 'Complete setup' link.
  4. Your ownership of the domain name will be verified. Click Next

Step 6:

  1. Skip the next step of assigning users so you can complete the domain set-up. User assignment can be done at a later stage from within the Telstra Apps Marketplace. On the next page, click 'Next' to continue to set-up your custom domain.
  2. Office 365 can complete the rest of the DNS setup for you at this point, but it is IMPORTANT to note that if you do allow that, you will not be able to continue to use this domain for a website. It is recommended that you select 'No' and click 'Next' to continue setting up the DNS yourself.
  3. Select the options that you want to set up with your domain name. It is recommended that you select all of them. Then click 'Next'.
  4. The next page gives you all of the DNS records you require to make your Office 365 account work. Record these settings/DNS entries as you will need to configure them in your DNS management portal.

Step 7:

  1. Now that you have the DNS records required from Office 365, go back to the Telstra Apps Marketplace and click on the Domain Names tile to open up the DNS management portal.
  2. Start entering all of the DNS entries into the DNS portal under the correct headings. Please note that the addresses Microsoft give are all 'Fully qualified Domain addresses' which means that you will have to put a period (.) at the end of each address in the 'Points To' field, otherwise it will error. Example: the MX record from Office 365 in this example is '' so it needs to be entered as ''
  3. Enter the CNAME records with the 'host names' and 'Points to Address' as provided by Office 365 and select CNAME from the 'Type' drop down list. Remember that the 'Points to address' requires a period at the end of it. Example:
  4. After entering the MX record, enter all of the CNAME entries provided by Office365. They should all display 'Published'.
  5. Enter the SRV records if provided within the Office 365 information. The Target field is a 'Fully qualified Domain addresses' and requires a period at the end.  Example: ''

Step 8:

  1. Next, go back to the Office 365 portal and click 'Okay, I've added the records'. If you have entered all of the details correctly, you will see a tick next to each record. If you have not placed a '.' at the end of the address fields in the DNS management portal or there was an error, you will get an 'X' and will need to review the settings.
  2. Click 'Finish'. Your custom domain setup for Office 365 is complete.

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