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Do Your Thing

Kelly Jamieson, founder of Edible Blooms, is free to focus on delivering the best customer experience, while we take care of the tech.


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Turning a wild idea into a national business

Finding your customers

When Kelly risked everything to start her own business, she needed to find customers, fast. See how Kelly took her store online so her customers could shop the way they wanted.

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Responding faster

Kelly learned early on that her customers want things done yesterday. Find out how Kelly uses technology to keep her business up to speed.

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Improving the customer experience

In the gift delivery business, it’s all about the customer journey. See how Kelly continues to deliver the best experience possible.

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Working more efficiently

For small business owners, work-life balance is a myth. See how Kelly uses tech to help her family and business work together.

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Transform your business

Neto Online Store

More and more customers want to buy their products online. Take your business into the digital world and be where your customers are, whether that’s Facebook or eBay.

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Business Apps

Transform your business, help save time and costs, while boosting productivity. 


Want to work on the go? Shift your business into the Cloud to help increase efficiency, flexibility and productivity.

Taking your business digital | Edible Blooms Play video

Ted risked it all to create the life he wanted

Part 1: Getting started

What happened when Ted Tolfree decided to leave a successful corporate job in New York to start a salad bar in Melbourne?

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Part 2: Working on your terms

When you love what you do, your work is your life. See what kind of life Ted Tolfree and Shey Newitt have created with their business…

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Part 3: Keeping up with demand

In the food business, lunchtime is show time. Find out how Crisp uses technology to stay ahead of the competition up the street.

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Part 4: Growing your idea

You start it. You grow it. But where to next? Ted talks about the future of Crisp and gives us a taste of what’s to come…

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