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Technology is transforming asset tracking

The new breed of asset tracking technologies leave manual processes far behind.

The speed of digital means customers expect faster service with less cost. The more you know about your items, like location or condition, the more you're able to meet these demands.


Automated tracking helps you do just that. It's come a long way in a short time with new technologies, cloud platforms and better network coverage. Today there are tracking solutions for almost any requirement.


Old methods are too slow

Not too long ago, keeping tabs on items was a manual process. To track your item people had to find items, fill in spreadsheets, and compare items with inventory lists and so on.


The process was laborious, time consuming and prone to error. Valuable assets were lost or stolen and nobody knew how. Customer service suffered. Stocktake was a nightmare.


Tracking software was the next step

Asset management applications cut the time and effort of purely manual procedures. Items had a tag like a bar code or RFID. You could scan the item with a handheld device and the data went to a management software platform.


A tracking revolution is happening

Now tracking has taken a major leap forward. And it's all due to Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology and the Internet of Things (IoT). Now, smart sensors connect assets via the internet to a central control platform. Essentially, the physical and digital worlds have been brought together.


Good to know

IoT is an evolution of M2M technology. While both have their place, IoT’s potential is greater because it uses standardised technologies and can integrate with multiple areas of business.


Why is the new technology different?

IoT offers two functions that were previously unavailable: automation and information.



Smart sensors send data back to central management without any human intervention. Many types of sensors are available such as temperature, humidity, pressure, location and more.



Once data is collected, it can be interpreted through analytics. This lets you understand what's going on with items across your business over time. You can take pre-emptive action if necessary and plan ahead.


How can it benefit me?

Modern tracking solutions have many advantages. They're also more affordable so it's possible to even track your items of low value items. Depending on what you need to monitor, the general benefits are:


Save time. Avoid the delays of locating items through manual activities.


Reduce theft and loss. GPS tracking lets you know where your assets are, and where they shouldn't be.


Increase staff efficiency. Instead of hunting up items or equipment, your staff can get on with business.


Improve business efficiency. Knowing where your equipment is at all times lets you plan ahead and take on more jobs.


Reduce errors. Mistakes occur with manual data entry which then have to be corrected. Automation sidesteps the issue.


Stop assets deteriorating. Be aware beforehand when equipment needs attention. Or if perishable goods are in danger of spoiling.


Enhance customer service. Keep your customers informed of delivery schedules.


Cut costs. Save on equipment hire/replacement, lost goods, labour costs, insurance premiums and more.



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