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OneDrive for Business

Individuals and teams can be more efficient when they have flexible document access.

What is OneDrive for Business?

Microsoft OneDrive for Business lets you securely store and share documents in the cloud, and access them from any internet enabled device.

It's ideal for businesses that want employees to get to their documents from multiple devices and different places.


Get on the same page

A key benefit is document version control. Documents get automatically synced when the device you are using is connected to the internet, so the latest version is therefore available across devices and employees when they connect online.

Staff can also work together, making text and formatting changes at the same time in Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

However, files stored by individuals are always private unless they decide to share them.


Work online and offline

You don't always have to be online to access your documents. Copies of documents are kept in the cloud and on your computer.

If you're offline, you can still work on a document and make changes. When you're back online, the cloud document will be updated with the changes.


Is it different from OneDrive?

It's the same OneDrive, but for business, not personal use. With personal OneDrive, you sign in with your Microsoft account.

With OneDrive for Business, you sign in via a business account. Your business administrator has full control, managing storage amounts, user access, seeing which files are being shared and by whom, and more.


How is it different from SharePoint?

While OneDrive for Business and SharePoint are similar, their focus is different.

  • OneDrive for Business is mainly a central place to store and access documents.
  • SharePoint's focus is collaboration. It allows many people to work on documents at the same time.

SharePoint can be an on-premises, cloud based or hybrid solution. Many businesses combine OneDrive for Business and SharePoint team sites in the cloud.


How do I get OneDrive for Business?

There are two options.

Storage only

You get 1 TB (1000 GB) of space for your files with the basic plan. Or you can go up a notch and get unlimited storage (with five or more users), plus advanced security and compliance features.

Of course, you can't take advantage of Microsoft apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, as well as a range of other useful tools.

Storage + Office 365

If you have Office 365, then 1 TB of storage is already available to each subscribed user. Administrators can increase this amount to 5 TB per user, and request extra storage of up to 25 TB per user.

This should be more than adequate for most small to medium businesses. If you want more than 25 TB per user, you will have to use SharePoint team sites.

Make it simple with Telstra

Thinking about getting OneDrive for Business with Office 365? Then the Telstra Apps Marketplace is a great place to start. You have one place to view, buy and manage apps from Microsoft and other vendors, all with the convenience of a single bill.

Find out more at the Telstra Apps Marketplace!overview


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