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How do I choose a cyber security solution?

Make an informed choice with our guide to cyber security features.

Whatever business you're in, cyber security is essential. Read our article about cyber threats to find out why.

With so many security products on the market, choosing the right one(s) can be hard. To help you, we talk about the different types of security features available.


Common cyber security features


A firewall acts as a filter between your computer, or group of computers, and the outside world. It inspects all traffic entering and leaving your network according to defined policies. You can set these polices yourself.


Next Generation Firewall

A Next Generation Firewall has deeper inspection powers. Among other things, it will analyse data from applications, so it's more able to stop malware infiltrating your network.


Good to know

Firewalls can be on individual devices - like Windows Firewall. And a central firewall protecting multiple devices on your local network. It is best practise to enable firewalls on both points. If a firewall is network-based, not on individual devices, you're only protected on the authorised network. Using public WiFi also puts you at risk.


Endpoint Security

These are security apps installed on desktops, laptops and servers (endpoints) to protect both the devices and the network they connect to. The security apps can be centrally managed via a console, either on your premises or in the cloud.

Endpoint solutions offer one or a combination of the following features:

  • Anti-virus - Scans for viruses according to known threat signatures and unusual file behaviour. It usually includes anti-spyware and anti-malware functions
  • Firewall - Blocks unauthorised inbound and outbound traffic. Shows trusted networks, and flags risky files or connections
  • Web protection - Combines a firewall and anti-virus technologies to ensure safe web access
  • Email protection - Helps to prevent email based viruses and spam, as well as sensitive or inappropriate content being sent or received.

Endpoint security is a must for mobile staff. Many businesses use a combination of a network firewall and endpoint security apps for better protection.


Mobile Endpoint Security

Until recently, securing mobile phones wasn't a priority. But now this opening is being exploited by hackers, especially as phones access data on unsecured networks.

You can download mobile security apps for both iOS and Android. Capabilities vary among the apps from basic device locate, lock and wipe to more advanced features.


Mobile Threat Detection

Mobile Threat Detection (MTD) solutions provide the most sophisticated defence for mobile phones. These multi-purpose security apps are similar to modern anti-virus software. They work on-device to protect against attacks as they happen:

  • Known and unknown malware
  • Malicious apps in disguise
  • Data hacking
  • Rogue networks pretending to be authorised networks
  • Stopping harmful processes that have been detected.

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