How it works - Application process

How to apply

If your small to medium-sized business is eligible, you can be nominated (or nominate yourself) to enter the Telstra Best of Business Awards. Once nominated, the next step is to set up a profile and enter Stage 1, which is often a valuable learning experience in itself.

Getting started

Telstra Best of Business Awards are comprised of three stages, each designed to assess your real world business expertise against category criteria. Your business will be assessed at each stage, so you can progress to the next.

  1. Set up & enter

  2. Pass three stages

  3. Ask for support

  4. State and National Awards

How Awards stages and Finalist selection work

Multiple choice questions

Stage 1 is a straightforward, multiple choice assessment about your business and how successful it is. Your total score determines whether you progress to Stage 2. We'll advise you of the outcome by email.

Estimated time
1-2 hours

27 March 2023

17 May 2023 5pm AEST

Multiple choice

Success criteria

Economic sustainability

Your business has a proven track record of financial viability anchored by a distinct and successful value proposition.

Operational and technological effectiveness

Your business uses technology to optimise day-to-day operations, collaborate and connect with customers.

Progressive leadership and culture

Your business leaders are resilient, empathetic and nurture a diverse workplace with a 'people first' culture.

Social and community contribution

Your business makes meaningful contributions to and is involved in the communities it serves.

Video and written submissions

Stage 2 involves:

  • seven, 3-4 minute video questions
  • two written questions

Our judges want to get to know you and your business and understand what makes it successful. You won't be judged on your camerawork or clothing and we'll give you some practice questions to prepare. 

Once your Stage 2 assessment is done, our panel will review your submission and score it against the success criteria. Your total score will determine if you progress to Stage 3. We'll advise you of the outcome by email.

Estimated time
1-2 hours

23 May 2023

13 June 2023 5pm AEST

Short written response and video submissions

Success criteria

Purpose and vision

Your business has a defined purpose, vision for the future and a strategy to get you there.

Thought leadership and innovation

Your business tackles challenges with a solutions-focused mindset to ensure positive outcomes.

Making a positive impact or contribution

Your business makes a significant and sustainable impact or contributes to your chosen award category.

Commitment and perseverance

Your business is committed long-term to solving, or contributing to your chosen award category's goal.

Pitching your business

The goal of our final stage is to understand how you would pitch your business to prospective investors or partners.

Stage 3 is structured around what judges will be looking for and we’ll offer suggestions to guide you through this crucial final piece. We'll advise you of the outcome by email.

Estimated time
6-8 hours

17 July 2023

4 August 2023 5pm AEST

Business pitch 

Success criteria

Communication skills

We'll be looking for concise, relevant and honest answers.

Business expertise

We want to see that you understand business principles, philosophies and practices.

Your story and plans

Your success story to date, plans and vision for the future.

Proof of your success

Evidence of your business success, positive outcomes and contributions you're making.

If you're successful at Stage 3, you'll be asked to attend a 30 minute Q&A with our judging panel to discuss your entry in more detail. The highest scoring businesses in each state will become State Finalists. We'll advise you of the outcome by email.

State Winners will be announced on this website in November. 

If you become a State Winner, you will go on to represent your state on the national stage. Here, you’ll pitch your business to a diverse panel of judges, representing backgrounds and businesses from all across Australia.

During the National Experience you'll get to network with past winners, Telstra Executives and Australia’s brightest business minds. 

It culminates in the 2024 Telstra Best of Business Awards night of nights, the National Gala Dinner. National media will capture the glamour and excitement as we reveal the top businesses moving Australia forward, along with the Business of the Year.

Our 2024 program dates

Click below for details on category information, selection criteria and eligibility.

National Experience

6 - 8 February 2024

An exclusive 3 day event filled with networking and celebration, all cumulating with the glitz and glamour of the National Gala Dinner.

National Gala Dinner

8 February 2024

The pinnacle event of the 2024 Telstra Best of Business Awards. An unforgettable evening full of glitz and glamour, it's where we reveal all our National Winners along with the Business of the Year. 

Nominations open

All year round

Missed the deadline? Don't worry - we accept nominations all year round. If you know an exceptional business moving Australia forward, nominate them for the next program.

Nominate an exceptional business, even your own!

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