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Scoot Boots

Meet Telstra Business Awards 2018 National Winner in the Emerging & Energised category.

Challenging the age-old metal horseshoe

When businesses disrupt an industry, it's rarely one that's 1,500 years old. But that’s exactly what Scoot Boots, the 2018 Telstra Tasmanian Business of the Year, has done by challenging the idea of the metal horseshoe. The company has developed unique hoof boots that are so lightweight, they’re a horse’s dream.

Scoot Boots protect the horse's feet

Creator and co-founder of Scoot Boots, Dave MacDonald, worked with horses as a trainer and farrier for 30 years. Passionate about the welfare of horses, he designed and launched an innovative product to allow horses to forgo the steel shoe.

Changing 1,500 years of tradition, the Scoot Boot allows horses to effectively go barefoot, which he says is much better suited to their overall health. The boots are designed to protect a horse’s hooves in any weather without impeding its movements.

Sixty per cent of horse owners in the world still think they need to (metal) shoe a horse because that’s the way it has always been done.

Over 400 stockists worldwide

“It’s only now that we are really looking at new ways for a horse to walk on rough terrain other than wearing iron. And boots are a great alternative, just put them on when you’re going for a ride and then take them back off again.

Since launching in 2015, Scoot Boots has attracted a growing share of a rapidly emerging global market, reaching over 400 stockists worldwide.

The team knew they had made it when they saw the boots on police horses at the Super Bowl.

As a Tasmanian company evolving from humble beginnings, the team is proud to show that with the right technology, companies can have worldwide impact from a regional area.

In 2018, the team won a Telstra Australian Emerging & Energised Award.

All we need is a fast network

“For us, winning this Award highlighted the fact that a global business can operate successfully even from a remote island such as Tasmania, all we need is a fast network,” said Dave.

“It has also given us a platform to highlight the plight of horses and their welfare. We’ve made connections and networks along the way, which have had a great impact on our business.”

“We want to inspire, educate and advocate for a barefoot natural approach for horses around the globe. Our Scoot Boots are much more suitable to a horses’ overall health,” he said.

The Telstra Business Awards judges were impressed with the passion and determination demonstrated by Scoot Boots to rapidly grow the business globally, never failing to believe in the superiority and appeal of the product despite setbacks.

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