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Meet Telstra Business Awards 2019 Western Australia State Winner in the Medium and Making Waves category.

A circuit-breaker for Australia's commercial lighting industry

When Paley Ho founded Unios from his hometown of Perth, he set out to circuit break Australia’s commercial lighting industry which was focused in New South Wales and Victoria.

Beautiful, intuitive architectural lighting

Paley’s aim was to create architectural lighting that exuded design, performance, yet also met the needs of value-conscious customers.

From dreams that started in Paley’s car with a boot full of lights, today Unios is a recognised brand in Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia, with ambitions to further expand into South East Asia and Europe. 

Seamless workflow and energy efficiency

With Toolbox, Unios has simplified what used to be a difficult and a convoluted collaboration process for architects and engineers. A universal platform for configuring, bookmarking, specifying and exchanging on luminaires for any project, Toolbox delivers a seamless workflow for all stakeholders.

Unios continues to push boundaries in the lighting space with its design-led approach inspiring the Flo Horticulture Series - products that maintain indoor greenscapes through cutting-edge LED technology.

Since its inception, Unios’ focus has been on creating widespread adoption of LED lighting because it vastly improves energy efficiency. Beyond this, Unios is looking to the future of human-centred lighting and how it can affect mood, wellbeing and health.

Providing work opportunities for everyone

Proudly headquartered in Perth, Unios is passionate about providing work opportunities and careers in lighting that previously didn't exist there. As new opportunities arise, Unios also recruits team members through AtWork, allowing people with disability to find rewarding careers.

In recognition of their achievements, Unios was named 2019 Telstra Western Australian Business of the Year. As Paley says, "The Telstra Business Awards were an amazing experience and I would encourage all businesses to participate to really benchmark themselves against some truly wonderful businesses." 

The whole process acts as a compass to let you know which areas need to be improved on and provides a level of self-reflection that as busy business owners, we sometimes forget to allow time for.

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