We're making some changes

From 12 December 2018, we’ll no longer support payment for some 3rd party PSMS ringtones, games, music videos, PSMS enabled services and some competitions. All Premium SMS subscriptions will also expire. Please see telstra.com/psmschange for more details. From 3 March 2018, Telstra will no longer offer some Premium Direct Billing (also known as Telstra Direct Billing or Direct Carrier Billing) services. Please see telstra.com/pdb for more details.


What are Third Party Content purchases?

They’re digital content services provided by companies other than Telstra, which you have chosen to pay for on your mobile or tablet. You pay for Third Party Purchases through Premium SMS or Telstra Carrier Billing. The charges appear on your Telstra bill or come off your Pre-Paid credit balance.

NOTE: Some Premium Direct Billing services will not be available from 3 March 2018 (please see telstra.com/pdb for more details). New Premium SMS subscriptions were only available until 3 December 2017. If you have any concerns about any PDB charges on your account, please contact us.

Purchasing content

It's easy to pay for content through your Telstra bill

You don't have to hand over your credit card details to get the best content on your mobile. There are a variety of options available to you to get the best experience on your devic

Managing content

Take control of your content subscriptions

Take charge of the way you access content on your device by knowing exactly what you’ve subscribed to and how much you’re spending.