Data basics

Introduction to data

Learn what data is, the difference between internet and mobile data, how it's measured and how to track its use.

Learning the basics

Knowing how much data you need and managing your data use is important. Home internet plans often talk about unlimited data, but if you're buying a mobile phone plan, one of the very first choices you make is how much data you want.

So, what is data? How is it measured? How do I know how much data I need and how do I control how much data I use? These questions and more are answered in the articles and training courses that follow. 

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What is data and how is it measured?

Ever wondered what we mean by data? Read this article to find out what data is, how it’s measured and how it relates to everything you do on the internet.

What content uses the most data?

Different content uses different amounts of data. This article gives you a guide to data use by content type, plus tips to help you manage your data usage.

Be Connected

How do I save money on mobile data?

There are many ways to save money on your mobile data plan. Read how you can keep an eye on your mobile data use and switch to your home's Wi-Fi when you can.

Training courses by Be Connected

Home data vs mobile data

This course will help you understand the difference between home data and mobile data plans. And how you can switch your mobile phone data to Wi-Fi.

Home networks

In this course you'll learn what a home network is. You'll also learn about the different ways you can get and connect to the internet at home.

Mobile networks

In this course you'll learn what a mobile internet network is, how the internet is connecting to your smartphone and what you're able to do using mobile data.