You’ve recently been contacted by Telstra notifying you that you’ll receive bonus data each month on your current mobile plan. We will add the extra data allowance without you needing to do anything.


Q. Does the bonus data cost anything extra? Is there a catch?

A. No. We’re giving you bonus data allowance as a gift to thank you for being a loyal customer. It will not cost you any more than your existing plan cost. Note, as with your usual data allowance, the data is for use in Australia and any unused data allowance expires at the end of each billing month. 


Q. Do I get the bonus data every month?

A. Yes. You’ll get the extra data allowance on your service each month, for so long as you stay on your current plan outlined in your notification message.


Q. How do I know when the bonus data has been applied?

A. We’ll notify you when the bonus data has first been applied to your service. In addition, you can check your new data allowance by logging in to My Account or the My Telstra app.


Q. Will the bonus data show in My Account or the My Telstra app?

A. Yes, the bonus data will appear in your monthly total data allowance in both My Account and the My Telstra app. 


Q. Will it show on my bill?

A. The bonus data will appear on your bill as ‘Bonus Data Allowance’, followed by the amount in GB. 


Q. Can I share the bonus data allowance with other services on my account?

A. If you have a plan that lets you share data between devices, the bonus data allowance will contribute to your total amount of shareable data.


Q. How long does the bonus data allowance stay on my service?

A. You will receive the bonus data every month to use in that month, unless you decide to do any of the following:

  • Move to a pre-paid service;
  • Move to a new plan; or
  • Disconnect your service.


Q. If I change to a new mobile plan do I still receive the bonus data?

A. The bonus data will only apply on your current plan outlined in your notification message. If you change plans your bonus data will no longer be applicable.


Q. Can these be used outside of Australia?

A. No, the data allowance is for use in Australia.

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