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Cyber safety initiatives

Read about the fantastic initiatives in cyber safety by leading organisations that work to help keep you and your kids protected online.

PROJECT ROCKIT is Australia's youth-driven anti-bullying organisation that empowers young people to stand up and lead change – in school, online and beyond. Telstra shares PROJECT ROCKIT's philosophy that young people can step up against cyberbullying if given the right tools and resources and we support PROJECT ROCKIT national anti-cyberbullying campaign. PROJECT ROCKIT created the unique and powerful program in partnership with Telstra which combines in-school workshops with a digital classroom. We continue to support PROJECT ROCKIT through Telstra Foundation's Young & Connected Fund.

Project rockit

The Telstra Foundation partners with the Alannah & Madeline Foundation to support a range of resources helping Australian families build essential digital skills, reduce their risk of exposure to online harm and empower them to successfully and safely navigate the digital world. We're helping to develop a generation of safe and strong digital citizens who are both capable and compassionate. These resources include:

  • Digitalk – an online safety hub covering topics like, healthy tech use and screen time, gaming, social media, online bullying and digital ethics.
  • Playing it Safe – aims to help parents, carers and educators teach prior to school age children how to stay safe online.
  • Media Literacy Lab – engages secondary students in essential media literacy education through an innovative, gamified resource that reflects youth experiences. It is free for all Australian schools.
  • The eSmart Digital Licence – an online education program that teaches school age children how to play, learn and socialise safely in the digital world. Delivered via a fun, interactive quiz, the eSmart Digital Licence addresses social media, online reputation and communication using real life scenarios so that parents and children are equipped to be smart, safe and responsible online.
  • eSmart Libraries – a cyber safety program designed to better equip local libraries with the skills needed for a smart, safe and responsible online community. In 1.500 libraries this partnership is giving more Australians the opportunity to benefit from new communications technologies while making the online library experience safer for everyone.

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner helps Australians have safer, positive experiences online. The Office co-ordinates and leads the online safety efforts of government, industry and the not-for profit community, and is responsible for:

The Office also provides audience-specific content to help educate all Australians about online safety including young people, women, teachers, parents, seniors and community groups.

Office of the eSafety Commissioner