Get productive

A work from home checklist

  1. Stay focused
    It’s tempting to sleep-in and stay in your pyjamas, but you’ll be more productive if you get up and stick to normal working hours.
  2. Stay healthy
    Because you can work at all times, doesn’t mean you should. Eat well and take time to head outdoors for exercise.
  3. Stay connected
    Make sure you have access to fast and, reliable internet – especially important for video conferencing and sharing files.

Got what you need?

Home internet

Whether it's working from home, entertaining the kids or virtual happy hour, get the data you need to help stay connected, 

iPads and tablets

We have a range of tablets and 2-in-1's to help keep you connected and productive when you're working. 


Internet on the go

A mobile broadband device or dongle plus Telstra mobile data plan give you more places to work outside the office.

Hints & tips

How to become a video call master
Video calling has given us a window into our new virtual office. But before you join your meeting, make sure you check out these tips on getting ready for your close-up.
How to manage your bandwidth at home for faster internet
As we all move to work from home for schooling and our jobs, your home network and the wider internet may become congested due to a number of devices connecting simultaneously.
Supporting small businesses through COVID-19
Many small businesses across Australia are feeling the impacts of COVID-19. We’re showing our support by helping them adjust in a number of ways.

A study at home checklist

  1. Stay in touch
    Follow your university guidelines. Check in regularly with your tutors and lecturers via email or online learning portal.
  2. Stay engaged
    Take notes and practice active listening during online lectures. Put away your phone to minimise distractions.
  3. Stay social
    Coordinate group chats with classmates. Take breaks and reach out if you’re feeling stressed or anxious.

Got what you need?

iPads and tablets

We have a range of tablets and 2-in-1's to help keep you connected and productive when you're studying.

Audio accessories

Barking dogs. Lawnmowers. It can get noisy at home. Stay focused and on task with noise-cancelling headphones.

Internet on the go
Student phone plans

Register with your student email to get a discount on a month-to-month, personal mobile plan.

See student phone plans

A home schooling checklist

  1. Stay in touch
    Follow school guidelines and check-in regularly via email or school portal. Be patient as everyone gets up to speed with a new way of teaching and learning.
  2. Stay in routine
    Try to keep school hours, including time for recess and lunch. Be flexible depending on mood and energy. Help your kids but don’t get in the way!
  3. Stay organized
    Set up a quiet study area with everything you need at hand. Be prepared to change location to keep younger kids motivated.

Got what you need?

Home internet

Whether your kids are uploading assignments or connecting with classmates –  get the data they need to stay on track.

iPads and tablets

We have a range of tablets and 2-in-1's to help keep the kids connected and productive

Tips for taking the stress out of home schooling

With many parents opting to keep their kids home from school, prioritising a productive learning environment at home is key.

Take a break

When the work is done, sit back and relax with your favourite games, movies and shows.

Xbox All Access

Kids at home too? With access to over 100 Xbox games and online multiplayer, you won't see them all day.

Streaming entertainment

Netflix  Foxtel, Kayo, movies and more. Stream the best from around the world and keep everyone at home entertained.

Wi-Fi coverage

It’s all about connectivity when you work and play from home. Check out these tips and products to help improve your Wi-Fi experience.