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What is BINGE?

BINGE is an Australian streaming service offering over 10,000 hours of the best drama, reality, lifestyle and movies by the world’s best producers, directors and studios.

Brought to you by the same team that built Kayo Sports, Australia’s premier sports streaming service, BINGE is built on the same technology platform as Kayo, offering a world-class user experience to the binge-loving masses.

There’s no doubt our love affair with streaming has blossomed over the last few years, with more Australians choosing unlimited data plans than ever before, but the recent lockdown measures have increased demand and turned streaming and bingeing into national pastimes.

While competition for our attention grows, BINGE holds its own in the battle of the streaming apps – mostly because of its exceptional content but also because of its reasonable price point.

BINGE is a goldmine for fans of the boxset – think Game of Thrones, The Sopranos and The Walking Dead – and it boasts an ever-expanding library of premium movies.

Topping it off is a solid offering of reality TV, documentaries and lifestyle shows, all wrapped up in a slick easy-to-use interface.

Here are the top 10 reasons to get on board with BINGE

1. Watch iconic series and must-see shows

BINGE brings you the highest-rated and most popular shows from the world’s best creators including WarnerMedia, HBO, NBCU, FX, BBC and Sony. Here are a few to whet your appetite:

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones

Start from the beginning or jump into your favourite season. Includes all GOT episodes and behind-the-scenes specials.


Big Little Lies

Big Little Lies

The outwardly perfect lives of three mothers are thrown into chaos when a stranger comes to town.


Grand Designs

Grand Designs

Kevin McCloud follows the often-bumpy progress of ambitious and innovative home building projects in the UK.


2. Curl up with quality movies from every genre

BINGE shines when it comes to awarding winning shows, but it also has an incredible catalogue of over 800 movies. Binge-worthy entertainment from the world’s top studios. Comedy, romance, drama – add this well-rounded combo to your BINGEList:

The Art of Self-Defence

The Art of Self-Defence

Jesse Eisenberg stars as a young man learning to defend himself under the direction of a mysterious sensei. Comedy at its most serious.


Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey

King George V and Queen Mary are paying a visit to the Crawley family. Excitement builds along with the usual scandal, gossip and swoon-worthy romance.


Bad Education

Bad Education

Hugh Jackman is a school superintendent who becomes involved in America’s most notorious embezzlement scandal.

3. Keep up with new content

From quirky documentaries to British crime thrillers, BINGE keeps your finger on the pulse of streaming entertainment. Never feel left out of those ‘have you seen?” conversations.



A fascinating account of the 1990’s McDonald’s Monopoly game scam as told by the prize-winners and FBI agents involved.


Noughts and Crosses

Noughts and Crosses

A British drama set in an alternate history where two young lovers (Sephy and Callum) are at opposite ends of the racial divide.


White House Farm

White House Farm

Five members of a family are shot to death at White House Farm, Essex. Detectives Taff Jones and his brother Stan are called in to investigate. 

4. Easy navigation and pop out player

Expectations are high when it comes to user experience, and BINGE does not disappoint. The interface is clean and enticing - making it easy to browse different genres and search by mood, theme or actor. It helps that shows are listed along with their IMDb rating.

Don’t miss the pop out player on desktop that lets you watch movies in a small window while you (pretend to) work or study.

The BINGE Help Centre is comprehensive and searchable, and you can find clear answers to almost any question.

5. Find new gems in curated carousels

A quick scroll through the home page provides a tonne of viewing inspiration - from latest arrivals to cleverly themed groupings and staff picks. Here are some of the categories you can expect to see:

  • Real-life drama and melodrama
  • Interesting people
  • Lifestyle inspiration
  • Family Movies
  • Laugh out loud movies
  • Crimes and Misdemeanours
  • Winner takes All

6. Try fun ways to ‘kill the scroll’

There’s nothing worse than wasting precious time in dead-end scrolling. Horizontal tiles blur, tensions flare and analysis paralysis sets in. BINGE understands your pain and offers practical (and inventive) solutions:


Build a playlist of content to watch later on – it’s like money in the bank. When you don’t feel like scrolling, open your BingeList and hit play.

Surprise Me!

Let BINGE choose for you based on editor picks and machine learning. Don’t like the suggestion? Try Again.

Available on web and Telstra TV now, coming soon to all other supported devices.

BINGE Centre

Choose a theme, show, franchise, or actor or director and binge your way through hours of entertainment.

7. Watch BINGE on your favourite devices

You can stream content on a wide range of devices including phones, laptops, tablets and smart TVs – and, depending on your plan, you can watch on up to four screens at once.

There are plenty of options for watching Binge on the big screen including:

  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Telstra TV
  • Chromecast

BINGE is available on mobile phones and tablets using iOS v12+ or Android OS v7.

Just download the BINGE app from your App Store, sign in and let the bingeing begin.

8. Add BINGE to your Telstra account

It makes sense to manage your streaming subscriptions in one manageable account - it’s easy to lose track when you’re moving between different providers and platforms.

Choose from the BINGE Basic, BINGE Standard or BINGE Premium plan and simply add it to your Telstra account. Take advantage of the 3 month trial for new customers.

9. Watch BINGE on your Telstra TV

Got Telstra TV? Add BINGE to your line-up and access all your streaming entertainment from one easy-to-use home screen. Here are the simple steps to get up and running:

  • Get Telstra TV

    You can buy a Telstra TV outright, or add it to your Telstra account.
  • Add the BINGE app

    In the Telstra TV menu, go to the Apps Store. Find BINGE, select Add App and confirm.
  • Launch BINGE

    Open BINGE from your Telstra TV home screen.
  • Let the bingeing begin

    Be swept away by over 10 000 hours of ‘unturnoffable’ shows and movies.

10. BINGE Standard for 3 months with Telstra

There’s a lot to explore, so it’s lucky that Telstra consumer post-paid customers get access to BINGE Standard for 3 whole months on us. Redeem by 18 Jan 2021. Want even more? Join Telstra Plus and get up to 9 extra months.

Take a good look around - try out the scroll-killing features and deep dive into the expansive catalogue. You’re bound to discover a whole new world of viewing pleasure. 

Chances are, you’ll want to make BINGE a permanent part of your streaming life.  

More about BINGE

BINGE is better with Telstra.

BINGE is better with Telstra. Here’s why.

We’re making Australia’s newest streaming service even more accessible, whilst rewarding our loyalty program members.


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BINGE New on Telstra TV

BINGE New on Telstra TV

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