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Get to grips with gamer speak

It's not easy getting your head around gamer-speak - especially if you're new to gaming, haven't played in a while or are just trying to speak the same language as your kids.

No matter where you are on the gaming spectrum, the Gamer Explainer is here to help - with short vids you can dip into and digest in around 3 minutes or less.

It's fair to say that, with her impressive presence on Twitch  @HeyImNatalia knows her way around a gaming console. Even better, she knows how to explain complex concepts in a way that makes sense to everyone.

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What is a Teraflop?

Teraflops are the measurement of the raw mathematical data happening inside your GPU. Tera stands for Trillion and flops means Floating Point Operations Per Second.  Still confused? Don't worry @HeyImNatalia is about to make it super clear.

Along the way, you'll learn what a GPU is, why Teraflops matter (especially in multiplayer gameplay) and whether you need to rush out and buy more.


Gaming subscriptions

With new games being released on the daily paired with the need to pick up as many titles as possible - Gaming Subscriptions come in clutch. 

Think about the music or video streaming services you currently pay per month, gaming subscriptions are just like that! In exchange for your regular payment - the subscription service provider will allow instant access to a large library of games plus on occasion special perks including early access to titles or demos, pretty cool right?

Xbox Game Pass is one of these gaming subscriptions that allow access to over 100+ incredible games plus they’re constantly bringing more and more gaming titles on board - did someone say that EA Play is coming soon to Xbox Game Pass? Oh right, we did. 

Our Gamer Explainer @HeyImNatalia will fill you in on all the above plus more in her video below!


Frames Per Second (FPS)

When playing a video game, watching a movie or doing anything on a screen - your graphics card will be rendering out and sending a series of still images to your eyes constantly - these are known as "Frames".

When these images are viewed at speed it gives the appearance of motion or video. With that being said - frames per second (or, FPS) is the measurement of how many individual images are shown to your eyes every single second.

Your FPS can make or break your gaming experience and finding the right FPS for you and your gameplay is super important.

Let @HeyImNatalia talk you through all things FPS and you'll be an expert by the end of this video!


Gaming Accessories

With the sea of gaming accessories on the market in all different colours, sizes and varieties - it's easy to get overwhelmed.

Don't fret! @HeyImNatalia is here to talk you through the basics of Controllers, Headsets & Hard Drives to arm you with a bunch of handy info to pick what's right for you and your setup.


Optimise your gaming traffic

While playing your favourite online multiplayer game, a fast internet connection paired with a quick response time is so incredibly important to give you an edge over your competitors.

Should you be experiencing any lag, excess amounts of latency or dropouts - the connection between yourself and the game is disrupted and crucial information in regards to your gameplay can be lost.

In this video, @HeyImNatalia will teach you more about bettering your connection with the help of Telstra's Game Optimiser to prioritise gaming traffic on your home network!


Home network tips for gaming

Did you know that the way your home network is set up could be helping or hindering you? No? 

Well, let @HeyImNatalia walk you through the different connection types you can see in your home and how they can help you boost that internet speed! 


How important is my modem?

If you’re wanting to play video games online - there’s a really important piece of the puzzle that can’t be missed, the modem.

When you think of a modem you’re probably thinking of the box in your living room that connects into your wall that you don’t really think about all that much. Well - if you’re thinking of playing video games online - knowing a little more about your modem, what it does and how it benefits your gaming experience is not a bad idea.


Why gamers care about servers

If you’re an online gamer, no doubt you’ve heard the word “server” pop up every now and again. 

A server is a piece of hardware or software that acts as a “host” that all users, or “clients” connect to. What does this mean in terms of gaming?

Let @HeyImNatalia explain all things server related so you'll be in the know!


Gaming and console streaming

What is cloud gaming? That’s a very valid question.

With new technologies being released so quickly, it can be really hard to keep up with it all. This, however, is one piece of technology you'll definitely want to keep up with!

Watch on as @HeyImNatalia runs through all things cloud gaming and how it can elevate your gaming experience.


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