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Be that gamer

You know the one - the gamer who can talk the talk, the gamer who has the right tech and knows how to use it.

It's not easy getting your head around gamer-speak - especially if you're new to gaming, haven't played in a while or are just trying to speak the same language as your kids.

No matter where you are on the gaming spectrum, the Gamer Explainer is here to help - with short vids you can dip into and digest in around 3 minutes or less.

It's fair to say that, with her impressive presence on Twitch (and 4th place in a recent Fortnite Tournament), @HeyImNatalia knows her way around a gaming console. Even better, she knows how to explain complex concepts in a way that makes sense to everyone.

Check out her first vid on Teraflops and stay tuned for more gamer goodness as the weeks roll on.

What is a Teraflop?

Teraflops are the measurement of the raw mathematical data happening inside your GPU. Tera stands for Trillion and flops means Floating Point Operations Per Second.  Still confused? Don't worry @HeyImNatalia is about to make it super clear.

Along the way, you'll learn what a GPU is, why Teraflops matter (especially in multiplayer gameplay) and whether you need to rush out and buy more.

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Gaming subscriptions

With new games being released on the daily paired with the need to pick up as many titles as possible - Gaming Subscriptions come in clutch. 

Think about the music or video streaming services you currently pay per month, gaming subscriptions are just like that! In exchange for your regular payment - the subscription service provider will allow instant access to a large library of games plus on occasion special perks including early access to titles or demos, pretty cool right?

Xbox Game Pass is one of these gaming subscriptions that allow access to over 100+ incredible games plus they’re constantly bringing more and more gaming titles on board - did someone say that EA Play is coming soon to Xbox Game Pass? Oh right, we did. 

Our Gamer Explainer @HeyImNatalia will fill you in on all the above plus more in her video below!

Tip: Don't miss a thing - turn on captions (cc) to read along. Subscribe to the Telstra YouTube channel to keep up to date with the latest videos.

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