How Dan Goad is championing Men’s Mental Health

Dan Goad, a dedicated Field Technician at Telstra, shares his personal journey as a champion for men's mental health.
Dan Goad · 06 July 2023 · 4 minute read

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FOOTAGE: We open on a Video title How Dan Goad is championing Men’s Mental Health at Telstra.

FOOTAGE: Dan is seated at his desk, wearing a Telstra jumper with a Movember flag behind him on the wall.

DAN: I'm Dan Goad.

DAN: I'm currently on secondment in Field Access Networks as a Designer, but I normally spend my day-to-day as a Field Technician, within Field Services.

DAN: I'm an absolute champion for men's mental health because I myself have been a victim to the black dog.

DAN: It's a constant day-to-day battle, but I honestly wouldn't be here without the great work of companies like Movember and initiatives like these.

FOOTAGE: Dan stands in the middle of his office.

DAN: Some of the most significant challenges that men face today would honestly just have to be their ability to speak up.

DAN: We've been told that we have to be tough and strong, and we're not allowed to cry. We're not allowed to be ourselves. We have to be this image of strength.

DAN: The greatest challenge is realising that strength is actually showing emotion and telling people you're not okay, and then asking for help.

FOOTAGE: Dan stands in a different room, with a photo wall behind him on the right, and a koala toy on the desk behind him on the left.

DAN: One great thing that we've done here at Telstra, which I am so proud of is Movember. Initiatives like these are what keep the cogs turning for a large workplace like Telstra.

FOOTAGE: Dan standing in the factory, with a panel of hazard tape to his left that continues behind him.

DAN: One piece of advice to any men who may be struggling with their own mental health: It would be just to start your journey.

DAN: Whether that be having a conversation with your friend, a family member, a professional.

DAN: Go for it.

DAN: Just start your journey.

FOOTAGE: A message appears reading; "At Telstra we have MyCoach available to all staff 24/7, no matter where they are in the world. They can give advice on life, body, health, finance, work, relationships and family. There are trained clinicians available to speak with you no matter what challenges you are facing. You can do these over the phone, or in person, whatever suits you, and they are a great place to go if you need help."

FOOTAGE: The Telstra logo appears alongside the message “Telstra Careers”.

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Dan Goad, a dedicated Field Technician at Telstra, shares his personal journey as a champion for men's mental health.

With heartfelt honesty, Dan reveals his own battle with the "black dog" and acknowledges the invaluable support he received from organizations like Movember and similar initiatives. He sheds light on the significant challenges men face today, particularly the societal expectations of toughness and emotional restraint.

Dan emphasizes the true strength lies in vulnerability, openly expressing emotions, and seeking help when needed. Proudly highlighting Telstra's involvement in Movember, he applauds the company's commitment to promoting mental well-being in the workplace.

To men struggling with their mental health, Dan offers a powerful piece of advice: start your journey by initiating conversations with friends, family, or professionals.

This video serves as a rallying cry, encouraging men to break the silence and prioritize their mental well-being.

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By Dan Goad

Field Access Network Designer

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