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Improve your readiness to deal with cyber security incidents.

Minimise business disruption from cyber security incidents through proactive support.

Enjoy ongoing peace of mind

The number of cyber-security incidents is on the rise (Source: Telstra Cyber Security Report 2018) and it’s becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to deal with these incidents using their own resources. Incident Response is a managed security service which helps you improve your readiness to efficiently deal with potentially damaging cyber security attacks. This retainer based service gives you priority access to Telstra’s highly-skilled and experienced Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT).

Our team works on a 24x7 basis and can respond quickly when you notify us of a suspected incident such as:

  • unauthorised or compromised access to your systems
  • data loss or theft
  • intentional or accidental introduction of a virus to a network
  • unauthorised money transfers or payments made through systems manipulation
  • suspicious network activity
  • unauthorised installation of hardware on your network i.e. wireless access points
  • a ransomware attack

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The number of cyber-security threats is rapidly increasing, and your organisation may not have adequate resources or skills to deal with them.

Ongoing peace of mind

You’ll receive prioritised response when you report an incident. For a fixed monthly charge, you’ll get an allocated total of 40 hours to use on a single incident within your retainer term. Plus, with access to our highly-skilled and experienced CERT you can rest assured your incidents will be handled efficiently and effectively.

The retainer service must be purchased before you experience an incident for you to access priority resources. If you decide not to subscribe, of course we’ll do our best to support you, but cannot ensure prioritised response when you need it.

Fast response

Our experts are on call 24x7x365. Our team can respond quickly, normally triaging within an hour of an incident being reported.

Excellent value for money

If no incident is reported within the contracted year, you can use the retainer allocation for up to five days of security consulting services.

Convenience of one global solution

If you have operations overseas which are being affected by an incident, we can work globally. You can rely on our comprehensive worldwide coverage and experience, as well as our network of partners.

Leverage our Security Operations Centre

Our Security Operations Centres (SOC) are the foundation of our Managed Security Services. You will benefit from these state of the art facilities Telstra has invested in, providing the visibility, intelligence, and tools needed to manage risk in an evolving threat environment.

As soon as you suspect that your business has suffered a cyber-attack, simply pick up the phone and call 1800 957 100. Our team of security specialists will usually arrange a triage call within an hour to quickly commence the IR process. They will commence analysis as soon as you provide the required data, then investigate and provide advice to contain the threat.

If you also have our Security Monitoring service we can respond faster as we’ll already have access to your logs and an understanding of your ICT environment. You’ll also receive a written report with recommendations to help you put measures in place in an effort to prevent the incident from recurring.

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