Telstra Cyber Essentials

Assess, monitor and respond to cyber threats

With 76,000* cyber attacks taking place in Australia in a year, organisations need a simple way to help protect their data assets and business operations, as well as improve their readiness to deal with potentially damaging cyber security attacks.

Key features

Telstra Cyber Essentials provides Australian businesses and government agencies with a comprehensive cyber security solution to assess the hygiene of their IT environment and Window end-points in line with the Federal Government’s Essential Eight (E8) recommendations. Customers have the option to access additional cyber security capabilities to respond to incidents with Incident Response and to monitor their environment with Cyber Detection & Response.

‘Essential Eight’ Assessment

Assess your IT environment in accordance with the Australian Cyber Security Centre’s Essential Eight (E8) controls and get a real-time view of your E8 compliance and E8 Maturity Score.

Auditing, Reporting & Remediation

Get actionable recommendations for remediation with detailed reports, providing insight into compliance levels, effectiveness of configuration items, and instruction-based security controls. 

Compliance Based Monitoring

Continue to monitor your organisation's compliance of all E8 mitigation strategies across your Window endpoints with actionable real-time automated reporting.

Cyber Detection and Incident Response

Take up additional packages with Incident Response and Cyber Detection and Response, and you can enjoy cost benefits when taken together.


E8 Compliance

Identify areas for cyber improvement and get recommendations to help with E8 Compliance.

Easy to use

A fresh and modern interface designed to be an accessible, friendly and effective tool for managing cyber controls.

Scale as you grow

Meet your organisation’s evolving needs without compromising on protection, leveraging automation and efficient processes to help stay E8 compliant.

Enhance risk management

By addressing regulatory, reputational and data protection risks, businesses can effectively manage and help mitigate potential threats. 

How it works

Cyber Essentials Assessor Agent

  • Deployed across all devices with Microsoft Windows operating systems within the organisation.
  • Collects relevant data to assess each device's compliance with the Essential Eight requirements.
  • Collected data is securely transmitted to the Telstra Cyber Essentials Portal.

Cyber Essentials Assessor Portal

  • Serves as a centralised and comprehensive platform to help assess and track your organisation's Essential Eight maturity.
  • Normalises and analyses this data received from the Agent.
  • Offers a consolidated view of your organisation's Essential Eight maturity.

Cyber Essentials Assessor Flight Deck

  • Provides real-time analysis on tests and reports on compliance of end points.
  • Identifies a control that has failed, and a recommendation link is provided.

Why Telstra


One solution for assessing, monitoring and responding to threats, removing the complexity of managing multiple security policies, technologies, processes and vendors.

A sovereign secure service

Leverages people, processes and technology that stay on shore ensuring data sovereignty, backed by Telstra’s trusted brand. 


Telstra has been trusted to help ensure business continuity and protection for major Australian organisations, from banking and finance to Australian government departments and agencies, for more than a decade.

Getting started

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