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A firewall solution to safeguard your private, public and hybrid clouds.

Protect your multi-cloud environment with the ability to view and modify your firewall policy in near real-time.


Multi-cloud protection with one flexible solution

Gateway Protection is a security solution that provides you with a choice of options in managing your firewall policies across a multi-cloud environment. It offers an informative and dynamic dashboard, giving you clear visibility of your service.

Gateway Protection is available on the Telstra Programmable Network, a platform that enables near real-time, on-demand connectivity to clouds, data centres, security, application services and a partner ecosystem, through a single unified view.



How it works

From the Gateway Protection dashboard, you can view and access your security policies, including configuration options such as firewall rules, NAT rules, VPN (eg. site-to-site, client-to-site, SSL) configurations and URL filters.

Once the configuration options are completed, you can view near real-time status updates, monitor threat levels, application usage, and access service reports.

Note: Gateway Protection is only available to customers on the Telstra Programmable Network 


Benefits at a glance

Flexibility & Agility

View & modify firewall policy in near real-time. Configuration options include Firewall rules, NAT rules, VPN configurations (Eg. site-to-site, client-to-site, SSL) and URL filters.

Vendor-Agnostic & High Availability Options

Choose between leading Firewall vendors and maximise uptime by selecting the High Availability option.


Minimal set up time

Set up is fast and once completed, the Gateway Protection service becomes available on the Telstra Programmable Network canvas. Gateway Protection’s built in security settings are already aligned to best practice so you can get started straight away.


Telstra has a team of over 500 skilled Data Scientists, DevOps, Business and dedicated Security Analysts working together to power the Telstra managed security service platform.

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