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Making the invisible, visible

A more open, collaborative and effective approach to cyber-security



The more connected your businesses, the more vulnerable you are to cyber-crime, espionage and hactivism. Today, you need better visibility, insights and tools to manage evolving threats. And you need look no further than our suite of Managed Security Services.

At its heart is a new, open source cyber-security platform (OpenMSS) operating out of the Telstra Security Operations Centres . It correlates the latest threat intelligence with data from your network and end-points across both on-premises and cloud infrastructure. These capabilities are automated, rapidly scalable, and draw on the latest innovation from the global security community. Since the service is completely transparent to our customers, via a portal you see what we see.

The OpenMSS platform is supported by advanced discovery tools and proven incident response methodologies. It's also backed by a team of experts across multiple disciplines. A powerful combination that helps you quickly identify threats, react fast, and navigate the risk landscape end to end.

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The Security Monitoring service feeds event data from multiple sources across both your on-premises and cloud infrastructure. With 24/7 visibility and actionable reports in plain English, you can gain deeper understanding of your risk status and clearer resolution paths for mitigation. It’s built around rapid and continuous improvements working hand-in-hand with our customers, to help ensure your requirements are met.




Visibility at scale
We combine wider data and event sources with cloud based analytics to accurately profile your risk.

Full transparency
See into the same data and event sources as Telstra via your portal to understand vulnerabilities.

Greater responsiveness
Open source lets us tap into innovation from the global security community for faster response.

Faster remediation
Access more effective, context-aware tools to find threats quickly and resolve them earlier.

Global protection
The Open MSS platform is deployed globally to protect your business.

Choose the tools relevant to your business. Your infrastructure doesn't even need to be managed by Telstra.

Fast track your own capabilities
Take advantage of our experience to increase the effectiveness of your own security operations whatever your level of maturity.

Cost-effective, transparent pricing
Open source and cloud makes high-end security more affordable for enterprise businesses




Security Monitoring

Security Monitoring helps you to identify security incidents that can impact your business by using event data from multiple sources across both your on-premises and cloud infrastructure. With 24/7 visibility and actionable reports in plain English, you can gain deeper understanding of your risk status and clearer paths for mitigation. You also have the flexibility to choose only the tools that suit.


Security, IT and network managers

Challenge: How can I see and understand threats better to mount an effective defence?

Solution: We feed event data 24/7 from a variety of sources across your on-premises and cloud infrastructure, correlated with the latest threat analytics. This allows you to identify and prioritise risk, and deliver a more efficient and targeted incident response.


C-level security/risk officers

Challenge: How can I get a more accurate view of my organisation’s current risk status and whether it's getting better or worse?

Solution: Prioritised alert information and risk status helps you view and manage your current procedures more effectively. It also helps you to determine future mitigation plans and investment.



Challenge: How can I be sure my company’s security risks are being managed appropriately?

Solution: You will have end-to-end visibility of your risk profile presented in plain English reports. This will assist you to see how effective your security management efforts are, and how well they comply with your needs.

When it comes to cyber-security, we are constantly exploring the latest solutions, including developing new technologies and techniques to give you better insight into your data, allowing you to make informed about how to manage your risk.


Vast experience means we know what works
We’ve been helping businesses manage risk and protect data for decades, while protecting our own network. We understand the security issues you face because we deal with them on a daily basis.


Constant innovation to counter evolving threats
When it comes to cyber-security, we keep exploring the latest solutions. We constantly develop new technologies and techniques to give you deeper insight, allowing you to make better decisions to manage risk.


Exceptional people you can depend on
Owing to our size and scope of operations, we attract the best and brightest in security. You can rely on one of the largest and most qualified groups of security professionals in Australia to protect your business.


Local and global intelligence gives you the big picture
We work closely with leading security vendors, the Australian Government, and the worldwide security community to provide the latest intelligence on the local and global threat landscape.

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