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Making the invisible, visible

A more open, collaborative and effective approach to cyber-security



Detecting and responding to threats in a timely fashion is today’s #1 security challenge.

According to the Telstra 2018 Security Report, 68% of organisations surveyed faced a business interruption due to a security breach at least once over the past year. While this varied by region; 60% in Australia, 66% in Asia Pacific and 70% in Europe; the results were the same - unauthorised system access, electronic data loss or theft, corrupted business data, lost productivity and in some cases reputational damage amongst customers and partners.

Today, you need better visibility, insights and tools to manage evolving threats. And you need look no further than Telstra Security Monitoring.

Telstra’s Security Monitoring service provides visibility through detection and notification of security incidents, allowing the customer to respond in a timely manner to that incident. With 24/7 visibility and actionable reports in plain English, you can gain deeper understanding of your risk status and clearer resolution paths for mitigation.

It’s a cost effective solution and importantly, you don’t need to be an existing Telstra customer to use this service. 

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How it works

  1. The Security Monitoring service feeds event data from multiple sources across both your on-premises and cloud infrastructure.
  2. It leverages the Telstra Security Operations Centres by using the power and scale of big data to analyse the incoming data and look for threats.
  3. Telstra stores the log and event data received, performing correlation, enrichment modelling and machine learning to identify anomalies and threats.
  4. The technology is complimented by a team of highly experienced security analysts, business analysts and DevOps personnel who will initiate the pre-agreed continuity/recovery plan if an incident is deemed suspicious.


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Visibility and Insight

The open source platform examines data 24/7 from a wide range of sources to accurately profile your risk.



See into the same data and event sources as Telstra via your portal to understand vulnerabilities.



High performance

Uses technology providing the scalability and search capabilities required to support web-scale quantities of security event data.



Typically more affordable for customers than taking on the cost of an additional security resource.



The Security Operations Centres are based in CBD locations so they are readily accessible, allowing clients to work closely with our experts to tailor their security service.


Collaboration and Expertise

A team of skilled security analysts, business analysts and data scientists work with operations people as a single team.


Telstra has a philosophy of co-creation, allowing for unique requirements to be catered for and developed either in concert with you or on your behalf.

Machine learning and big data

Telstra utilises advanced big data analytic tools to examine anomalies in near real time reducing risk and highlighting malicious activity on the client’s network.

ASIO T4 security standard

The Security Operations Centres are built to ASIO T4 standards, a requirement in protecting government agency data.

A single focal point

The Security Operations Centres deliver a single focal point for customer engagement – they know your environment, your site and your people, the result being a quick, individual response.

Continual improvement

Development of the platform is a live and ongoing project, with new features regularly added to help ensure the services evolve to meet the changing threat landscape.

Managed locally

Telstra doesn’t adopt a ‘follow the sun’ model – your security is managed 24/7 in Australia using local expertise.


Security Monitoring includes:

  • Advanced Security Analytics that use big data for identification of critical cyber threats before they worsen into a serious breach.
  • Vulnerability Management that provides a complete view of vulnerabilities across your IT and digital assets, identified and maintained in an asset database for a truly comprehensive view of potential threats.
  • Threat Intelligence that allows you to detect threats early.


Why Telstra

When it comes to cyber-security, we are constantly exploring the latest solutions, including developing new technologies and techniques to give you better insight into your data, allowing you to make informed about how to manage your risk.


Faster remediation

When it comes to cyber-security, Telstra continues to invest heavily in the latest technology, including big data analytics tools, security infrastructure, the open source platform, and its people. This constant and rapid development of new technologies and techniques gives you access to more effective, context-aware tools to find threats quickly and resolve them earlier.

Expertise you can rely on

Our teams include security analysts, business analysts, DevOps and data scientists, all working hand in hand to support the need for agility and continuous development. The Security Operations Centre team works on a 24/7 resourcing model and are skilled across analysis, incident escalation, mitigation, remediation and coordination.

Local and global intelligence gives you the big picture

We work closely with leading security vendors, the Australian Government, and the worldwide security community to provide the latest intelligence on the local and global threat landscape.

Cost-effective solution to help secure your business

High-end security made affordable for all businesses, regardless of size. Importantly, your infrastructure doesn't need to be managed by Telstra.


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