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The surefire way
to deliver rich media

Our Media Networks offer cost-effective and scalable solutions that deliver rich media – such as video content – to the standards that customers expect.

Create richer experiences for your customers

It’s essential that the video you deliver is high quality. It’s a key part of your reputation, syndication partnerships and your audience engagement.

Typical infrastructure would struggle with high quality video, unreliable transfers, buffering times and low-video quality can damage how viewers interact with your brand, but using our network means you don’t have to worry about it.

Our Media Networks offer scalable solutions that take away the worry of overloading your existing system. They’re a simple way to share and distribute large quantities of rich media securely and quickly.

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We can help you to


Streamlined content distribution
Transfer uncompressed video from your studios, entertainment venues, production companies and more to a central location ready for distribution.


Easy ways to share content
Connect directly with your media distribution partners and share your content in real time and at broadcast quality.


The best viewing quality
Distribute content online in a consistently high quality through our scalable solutions, even if it is a peak load, HD or live feed.


Managed infrastructure
Typical infrastructure would struggle with high quality video. Using our network means you don’t have to worry about it, and can focus on your content.

Content distribution and management

Faster, more enjoyable experiences

Delivering your online media content as a consistent, secure, high quality experience. Telstra's Content Delivery Network places content closer to end users, reducing latency and buffering, so it loads faster and plays better.

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