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    Telstra Internet Direct gives you a direct, business-grade connection with symmetrical speeds and more access points.



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    Get more from your internet service

    The internet is vital to your business, and TID can help you make the most of it.

    It’s a direct connection to Australia's largest dedicated internet backbone that delivers you:

    • Guaranteed bandwidth 24/7 over our TID network*
    • Symmetrical speeds for fast upload/download
    • More access points across Australia and to the world
    • Redundancy paths and security built into the core network.

    You also get full tech support - though with our core TID network availability at 99.995% ** you'll rarely need it.

    Choose from a range of access types, speeds and usage, plus the option of IPv6 addressing and nbn™ network access where available. No matter where your sites and users are, you’re in control via an online portal.

    Want more from your network? We can integrate your security, cloud services and private network solutions. More than just internet, we offer a roadmap to the future to support your business growth.

    * Your access service can affect actual speeds experienced.
    ** TID edge network and access services have separate availability targets which affect your service.

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    Customer Success Story

    How to leverage the internet for the Digital Business Era

    This white paper highlights:

    • Trends driving new requirements in the digital business era
    • Elements to think about for your internet service (ie. higher latency, security)
    • Key considerations when evaluating a network for performance and options.

    How to build a network to support better employee and customer experience

    This white paper focuses on:

    • How your network will support these new technologies
    • Key considerations and criteria for sourcing the right network solutions to meet your objectives
    • The outlook for 2018.

    Features and benefits

    Improved productivity

    A dedicated, uncontended connection with guaranteed bandwidth over the TID network*

    Better application performance

    Symmetrical speeds with lower latency and packet loss to maximise application performance.

    More online time

    Stay connected with a core TID network availability target of 99.995%**

    A platform that’s future-ready

    Be ready for nbnTM and seamlessly integrate security, cloud and private network solutions.

    Access from more places

    More access points in Australia and over 900 global points of presence.

    Reduced risk

    Take advantage of the cloud while using your existing assets.

    How it works

    Telstra Internet Direct lets you choose from a wide range of carriage types to suit different site requirements. It gives your business easy, uninterrupted access across all Australian capital cities and many regional areas with faster speed and minimised ‘hops’ internationally – so you get world-class internet performance.


    Why Telstra

    One of Australia's most powerful internet solutions

    Benefit from full separation from our private network traffic, and internet traffic that never exceeds 40% of total capacity on any link. High levels of clear bandwidth over fibre deliver superior capacity more of the time.

    Unrivalled coverage

    We offer the largest internet backbone in Australia, with more access points than other providers. Plus, we have dedicated internet infrastructure in over 15 different countries and partner Points of Presence across the globe.

    Reliability and security you can depend on

    Enjoy the assurance of market leading availability targets, multiple redundant paths to the internet and integrated security. We also monitor and manage our solution 24/7 to help ensure reliable performance

    Other information

    Telstra Internet Direct data sheet

    Telstra Internet Direct is a secure, high-performance internet service with exceptional availability and scalability.

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    Application Assured Networking video

    Telstra is the first carrier to imbed application performance reporting, and bandwidth control at an application level.

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    Transition: IPv4 to IPv6 whitepaper

    An overview of the new internet addressing protocol, its implications for business and government, and Telstra’s approach.

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