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Much more than financing

Device leasing is much more than financing – it’s part of an overall strategy for managing your fleet of Telstra mobile phones, tablets and M2M devices. 

Reap the business efficiencies of leasing

Conserve valuable working capital, just pay a simple monthly fee and empower your staff with the latest Telstra mobile technology to help them connect with their customers, suppliers, partners and colleagues – giving your business the edge.


Why lease?

We understand the challenges facing businesses - start-up, growth or consolidation. Whatever phase you’re in, you need to make smart investments that will give you a competitive edge – which is exactly what our mobile device leasing and management solutions do.

With our solutions, your mobile devices are more affordable - simply lease your required devices as they simultaneously generate value for you. 

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How leasing improves your organisation’s profitability


Keep pace with new technology
Future proof your business technology needs and avoid obsolescence. Use the most up-to-date Telstra devices to help your business operate more efficiently and effectively – ultimately becoming more competitive.


Predictable expenses and better cash flow
Don’t pay for the cost of a device upfront. Pay a simple fee each month over the term of your lease for your device, making it easier to budget for them and minimizing upfront expenditure. This will free up your capital for other important needs.
Choose the lease term that suits your needs:

  • 12, 18 and 24-month term options for Telstra mobile devices (tablets/mobiles/mobile broadband devices)
  • 24, 36 and 48-month term options for Telstra Machine 2 Machine (M2M) devices

Tax advantages
Your mobile devices and tablets may be tax deductible. Speak to your financial advisor for further information.


Business friendly options when the lease expires
When your lease expires, you can return the devices, upgrade or extend your lease to accommodate your business needs.


Potential business impact

  • Minimise capital outlay
  • Increase your purchasing power
  • Predictable expenses
  • Tax advantages