Telstra mobile device management

Take control of your mobile fleet

Your people are working in more places, on more devices than ever before. They’re accessing apps, sharing files and being productive in new ways.

Key features

Telstra Mobile Device Management (T-MDM) offers a secure, managed way to take control of your mobile fleet, while empowering your staff to work in the way they want to.

Whether you need to implement security policies to help protect company data, protect your employee devices against cyber-attacks or deploy approved apps straight to devices, we can make managing your company’s devices easy.

Device protection

Protect your corporate information from security threats with on-device and network-based security solutions.

Mobile application management

Be sure your staff are working on the latest, most secure software by creating an enterprise app store and remotely pushing updates or new apps to registered devices.

Mobile content management

Share key company documents and collaborate with colleagues in a secure environment.

Device enrolment service

Give your employees tools that are ready to go out of the box by pre-configuring devices with corporate polices and access.

Mobile email management

Ensure compliance and safety by setting IT policies and controlling which devices have access to corporate systems including email, workflow and productivity apps and intranet.


Increase visibility

Save time and easily keep track of multiple devices and software installed on registered devices.

Maintain security

Safeguard your corporate information and minimise your security risks by deploying critical security policies across staff devices.

Increase visibility

Keep track of all your teams’ devices – included software installed on registered devices – for increased visibility and control at a glance.

Cost-effective management

Avoid the cost of deploying and running in-house systems and support so you can redeploy IT resources to business-critical projects and drive innovation.

Free Trial

Register for the free 30 day trial

Experience the benefits of Telstra Mobile Device Management with our free trial.

All new T-MDM customers will receive a free 30 day production trial.  After the trial period expires, you will be automatically moved to a fully paid service.  

If you do not want to be moved to a fully paid service, simply deregister all your devices and no charges will apply.

Frequently asked questions

Telstra customers with a mobile account number are eligible to trial the Telstra Mobile Device Management portal for a period of 30-days. The trial period starts when you first receive your T-MDM login.

After the 30-day trial period expires, you’ll automatically be moved to a paid Telstra Mobile Device Management service and each eligible device you have registered in the portal will be charged license fees. 

To opt-out of the fully paid service, simply de-register all trial users and devices on the T-MDM portal and no charges will be applied.

If the trial is successful and you want to continue using the paid T-MDM service, just continuing using the service as you were during the trial and you’ll automatically be charged for client access licences (CALs) to your nominated Telstra mobile account. 

You might like to speak with a Telstra client representative or dealer about the best pricing and client access license options for your business.


Why Telstra?

Mobile management and security

We invest in security innovation so that you can manage and secure your mobile fleet simply and effectively.

Improved cost control

Take charge of your costs with flexible charging models - and choose how you want to pay, whether on your existing Telstra account bill or through a credit card for individual purchases.

A range of scalable solutions to meet your needs

Choose the right mobility solution for your unique needs from a variety of devices, plans, managed services and more – all available on our local, national and global networks.

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