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Device Leasing

The smarter way to finance your mobile fleet

Take advantage of the latest mobile devices without the burden on your budget.

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A better way to get your tech

Today, mobility is vital for business. But buying new devices every few years to keep your people productive can be a burden.

Large capital outlays on refreshes are a drag on the budget. Often, as soon as you’ve upgraded, the next generation of devices has come out. Then you're stuck with depreciating assets.

Device Leasing makes everything simpler. It frees your finances and your mobile staff to work at their best.

You'll have the latest and greatest devices for a simple monthly cost, which can be more economical than buying outright. We'll also help you choose the right ones for your budget and needs, and get them into your hands fast.

Why consider leasing?

Cash-flow friendly

Replace large upfront costs with predictable monthly pricing

Competitive pricing

Factoring in residual pricing makes Device Leasing highly affordable

Get ahead of the curve

Avoid out of date technology and depreciating assets

Use the latest tools

Help your people work smarter with the tools they want

Leasing with us makes even more sense

Device Choice

Device Choice

Get the devices that suit your business

Digital Convenience

Digital Convenience

Order online via OrderExpress

One Partner

One Partner

We bring together your plans, devices and services so you can manage and bill in one place

The flexibility to suit your business

Compliment leasing with plans and services

Business Mobile plans

Perfect for smaller organisations. Choose from a range of plans with flexible options to take control of your communication needs.

Corporate Mobile Plus

Make mobile fleet management easier and provides greater cost certainty with the Telstra Corporate Mobile Plus plans.

Enterprise Mobility Managed Service

A solution that evolves with your needs, drives efficiencies across your mobile ecosystem and frees you up to focus on innovation.

Mobile Devices

The latest range of devices to suit your businesses needs.


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