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A mobile team
is a productive team.

Create better experiences for your staff and customers through mobility innovation with a range of solutions and services from Telstra.

Build strong relationships between field and office teams

Whether you manage a fleet of mobile workers or have staff in remote locations, we can help them get in touch and stay on target.

Our solutions offer new and innovative ways to communicate, navigate and create strong, profitable relationships between your staff no matter where they are.

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How we can help transform your organisation

Telstra mobile workspace

Provide a consistent, satisfying experience to employees on any compatible device, to work from more locations.


Plans & Devices

Improve how you maintain contactability of your mobile workforce no matter where they are working.


Mobility Services

Digitise your workforce, gather data when they’re in the field so you can improve your processes and customer service.


Mobile Business Apps

We have a range of easy to install packaged options, or customised applications specifically for your organisation.


Mobile Messaging

Enhance your processes and operation with a range of ways to keep your teams in touch with one another.


Plans & devices

Telstra Mobile Workspace

Provide a game-changing mobile workspace to enhance employee productivity with technology-enabled flexibility.



Mobilise your workforce and processes with our choice of cost effective fleet and mobile management plans.


International roaming

We have competitive call and data rates to make sure business doesn’t stop when your staff are on the move.



Telstra provides a suite of ‘Enterprise Grade’ connected devices that maximize the capability of our world class mobile network.


Mobile business apps

Custom app design and deployment

We can help you mobilise daily operations with customised apps and services to drive particular business metrics, such as increasing revenue, reducing costs, driving efficiency, or increasing employee and customer satisfaction.


Handpicked apps ready to go

We've done the hard work for you and selected applications from world-leading providers. Our catalogue of applications can simplify your business operations or help you create new opportunities.


Mobility services

Mobility consulting

Let our consulting team assess not just devices and plans but all the factors that can get your organisation mobile.


Enterprise managed mobility service

Save time with our smartphone fleet management solution and give your staff the flexibility to work from more places.


Mobility Fleet Care Plus

Identify unusual call activity, keep track of expenses and more with our online bill reporting system.


Device leasing option

Leasing can give you greater flexibility in managing your cash flow and conserving working capital for other revenue generating activities, while the device generates value for your business. 


Mobile messaging

Telstra Access Messaging

Get effective job dispatches, permission marketing, reminders, competitions and content bursts for your organisation.


Telstra Desktop Messaging

Use our desktop software to send group MMS or SMS, so you can market products and services cheaply and effectively.


Telstra Integrated Messaging

Streamline your in-house communications and workflow with our read-to-use web-based software.


We help you develop, deploy and use mobile solutions

With the benefit of our broader network and client services, we can help you:


Maximise the value of your apps
You’ll be connected to the Telstra Mobile Network, letting your people connect in more places with Australia’s largest mobile network.


Streamline your IT solutions
You can enjoy the convenience of one bill and one point of contact for your Telstra services.


Get premium customer support
We provide first level support via the Telstra service desk to assess any problems and conduct basic troubleshooting.


Have confidence in our ability to deliver
We provide network services and solutions to more than 200 of the world’s top 500 companies. They rely on us to do business across 240 countries and territories and to enable greater productivity, efficiency and growth.

Mobility Solutions

Case studies

Strikeforce AMC - Mobility (Zunos - formerly ARIS)

Strikeforce AMC uses Zunos (formerly ARIS) and our NextG® network to improve staff productivity in the field by 40%.

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Telstra Case Study: WA Police Concept Car

Our Next IP® and Next G® networks provide the backbone to the groundbreaking WA Police Concept Car, turning days and weeks into minutes.


Australia Rail Track Corporation

The Telstra Next G® network helped ARTC improve safety, reliability, economy and freight capacity.


Kincare - Cloud Computing, Mobility, Network

Moving to the cloud allowed Kincare to deliver services in new ways - and saved them over $300,000 on capital expenditure.


Telstra User - Mobility (Connected Tablets)

Connected tablets mobilised our staff, allowing them to work flexibly, be more productive and service customer needs more swiftly.


NDW Communications Technicians

Telstra uses Trimble® GeoManager to manage its Communications Technicians and fleet of service vehicles.


Future ways of working - Overview

Our Future Ways of Working program is driving collaboration and productivity through better employee engagement.


Maximising Productivity through Flexibility

We are maximising productivity through flexibility and increased adoption of technology.


Empowered with opportunities to increase productivity

Our employees can choose their own time and work space, which improves collaboration and wellbeing.



BOC is Australia's largest supplier of industrial gas. They implemented a new point-of-sale mobile app solution (MyAgent Mobile) which was delivered by Telstra. The implementation has dramatically improved retail sales productivity, and cut transaction times from 10 to 2 minutes, saving 32,000 hours in labour time per annum.