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    Well-managed wireless IoT and M2M service deployments, cost-effective business and operational management, regardless of scale.

    Our cloud-based M2M Control Centre gives you full visibility and control of your wireless IoT and M2M services (data, SMS and voice).

    Advanced reporting and automation rules can be utilised for greater efficiency, cost control and security. Diagnose issues on a collective device basis and have the ability to analyse usage and service patterns at an aggregated level.

    A Telstra Wireless M2M Starter Kit is available for you to experience firsthand the platform capability. Find out how easy it is to:

    • Activate and deactivate SIMs
    • Run near real-time diagnostics
    • Review connection session history and near real-time connectivity status
    • Control data usage costs
    • Set business rules and customised alerts so you’ll know when abnormal activity or device failures occur.

    We also provide the option to have an accredited Dealer Partner manage all the features and functionality of the Control Centre for your services.

    M2M Control Centre datasheet

    Telstra M2M Control Centre Location Services Datasheet

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    Help your organisation to get


    Fewer delays
    Access near real-time data to help detect issues before they become problems, or resolve them fast without sending people on site.



    Improved operations
    Help reduce labour costs and the expense of machine downtime. Stay informed about changed environmental conditions so you can respond quickly, and use voice, SMS and location based services to respond appropriately for your business need.



    Greater insight
    View detailed usage, costs, performance and provisioning data, and more. Maximise the efficiency of your connected devices, locally and globally, and gain strategic insight that enables you to plan ahead.



    Our wireless services can be managed and deployed quickly and efficiently for use within Australia or when roaming overseas in many countries. Providing you with remote access for your business.



    Connect in more places
    The Telstra mobile network offers exceptional reach, great reliability and fewer dropouts across Australia. Narrowband IoT is coming soon and will provide an even greater coverage for your IoT solutions. Our international roaming plans also allow your solutions to connect in many countries worldwide.







    Potential business benefits

    • Improve operational efficiency
    • Introduce automation
    • Provide near real-time data for better, faster decisions
    • Monitor and manage remote assets

    Ideal for companies with

    • Large scale deployment of assets and equipment
    • Labour intensive business processes
    • Near real time control
    • Remote operations


    Automation, visibility, control
    Improve control of connected wireless IoT and M2M services with a central web-based platform to help monitor connection status and costs, automate processes and manage service activity.

    Automated provisioning
    Help eliminate faulty devices by being able to test your wireless IoT and M2M solutions prior to deployment. Automate service activation at power-on and manage your wireless M2M services in near real-time online, or via an Application Programming Interface (API).

    Real-time diagnostics
    Access near real-time online network-based diagnostics to view connectivity status for your wireless IoT and M2M services, including the session start date and time, data consumption, APN used and IP address assigned.

    Better cost control
    Assign an access plan to each Wireless IoT and M2M service, set automated coverage controls and alerts and get month-to-date and billing cycle usage data in near real time.

    Analytics and reporting
    Analyse data usage, costs, performance, provisioning and important usage trends and determine if your wireless IoT and M2M services are working as expected in the field.

    Seamless system integration
    Integrate key components of your Telstra Wireless M2M Control Centre service, including service management and reporting, though standards-based API.

    Expertise, infrastructure and alliances
    We offer you Australia’s largest mobile broadband network, large international coverage where we have arrangements with local carriers and alliances, and a partner program to help you take your products to market.

    Our wireless IoT and M2M plans
    Whether you expect high or low usage, we have plans to suit a range of business requirements.

    Location service plan
    Knowing the location of each active SIM is an optional feature of our wireless M2M Control Centre. Devices can be located using our mobile coverage.


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