Make it easy for your customers to find you.

Our inbound services can provide your customers with a single memorable contact number, which can help advertise your business.

If you’ve just launched a new campaign, your business needs to maximise its resources and ensure that customers can easily make contact.

Our inbound services mean your customers can get in touch by using just one number. It helps you to understand who is calling, when and why, so that resources can focus on optimising customer interactions.

With Priority One3 and Priority 1300, your customers can phone just one number from anywhere in Australia for a low charge from a fixed-line service.

Freecall One8 and Freecall 1800 lets your customers call you for free from a standard fixed-line service within Australia.

International FreeCall and International Freecall Global 800 gives your business international reach by giving your customers the opportunity to speak to you from overseas free of charge.

1800 Your Business is an easy-to-recall personalised inbound number based on your business name. 1800 Your Business can be added to a Priority One3, Priority 1300 or Freecall 1800 service.

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Take advantage of people’s natural ability to recall words more easily than numbers with a phone word. By choosing a phone word based on your business name, service or marketing position, you can incorporate it into your advertising and increase the chances of customers calling you first.


For more information visit our partner and supplier 1300 Australia


Or Call 1300 GROWTH (1300 476 984)


Help your organisation to get


Trustworthy support
With our intelligent routing of calls that can be based on time of day, geographic location or the available resources of your business, you need never miss a single call.


Our experience and infrastructure
Our inbound services are managed by Telstra’s intelligent network, based on Alcatel technology, which can handle 500 calls per second, per SPC, and answer 250 million call attempts per month.


Intelligent call routing
You can direct calls to the agent of your choice, and in the location of your choice so the optimum number of calls are answered.


Nationwide reach
You can increase the geographic presence of your business by allowing customers to call from anywhere, anytime, for little or no charge.


Potential business impact


  • Improved productivity
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Increased customer reach

Ideal for companies with

  • High volume customer engagement
  • Single or multiple locations
  • Local and international customers

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