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The right knowledge,
the moment you need it.

Help your teams navigate complex processes
with the right information when and where
they need it.

Streamline calls, tasks and training

As interacting with consumers becomes more complex, support processes are becoming equally difficult.

Your teams need a solution that improves the customer experience, and boosts productivity and effectiveness.

Panviva Knowledge Management is cloud-based software that delivers employees the information they need at the moment they need it to help them work faster, improve productivity and increase revenue.

Panviva Knowledge Management guides workers in real-time through complex policies, procedures and systems to dramatically improve accuracy. The solution can be up and running in less time than traditional knowledge management systems allowing for faster results.

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Help your organisation to:


Improve performance
Employees don’t have to rely on their memories as the system guides them through tasks quickly and efficiently.


Reduce costs
Errors and reworks are eliminated as employees are prompted to follow the right process and information for every step of a task. Your workforce becomes multi-skilled and staffing needs are reduced without affecting service levels.


Improve customer experience
Employees work confidently across multiple complex systems and processes to accurately resolve customer enquiries, improve customer satisfaction and create more loyal customers.


Onboard new team members faster
New hires are guided by best practices from the start and learn on-the-job – removing the need for lengthy training.


Increase productivity
Powerful context-specific search functionality improves self-service which lowers supervisor to staff ratios.


Potential business impact

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Lower training costs
  • Increased revenues
  • Better skilled staff

Ideal for companies with

  • Complex processes

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