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Take the pressure off peak call times.

Increase your call centre resources to meet demands during busy peak hours.

Scale up and down when your business needs it

Your organisation launches a new product and invests in a big marketing campaign. It’s a limited offer campaign and the response is huge.

Would you be ready for the sudden influx of incoming calls and enquiries?

Similarly, would you have the capacity to handle a crisis such as an urgent product recall where thousands of customers have to be contacted?

Some companies don’t have the need for a contact centre 24x7 but don’t want the cost of maintaining a ‘just in case’ resource.

Others have a centre which needs to scale up at peak periods without increasing staff. Or want to test out a larger operating model before adopting it.

In all these situations, dealing with unexpected incidents, increased calls during campaigns and even after hours customer care - our Managed Business Centre makes this simple.

Based in Australia, our contact centre becomes an extension of your own so during a business continuity crisis or an unexpected overflow of calls, you can respond to customer demand.

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Help your organisation to get


Up to date processes
Get access to the latest relationship management tools plus advice on processes and even scripting from our experienced contact centre staff.


The centre is there for when and how you need it. And you can choose between a dedicated, confidential environment or a shared service to get all the benefits of scale.


Minimised costs
You get access to the necessary infrastructure and licences for an affordable, monthly fee. You also reduce separate payments for hardware support fees, software licence fees and firewalls. For even more cost-efficiency, our firewall charges are based on bandwidth, not users.


Skilled operators
Using the online portal, you can easily configure policies and view comprehensive service reports, giving you control and transparency.


Potential business impact


  • Economies of scale
  • Lower costs
  • Access skills

Ideal for companies with

  • Peaks and troughs in calls

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