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Never leave a customer on hold again

Connect them quickly to the right person or department

Connect customers to the right person in your business

Calling an organisation and being transferred to numerous departments before reaching the correct person can be frustrating for customers.

A self-service automation can speed up the process of getting the caller to the correct person.

So when a customer calls up they can use their keypad to be directed to the right department or location immediately.

Automating those common and repetitive tasks with a front-end call management centre means you can provide customers with updated information on your products and services whenever they call, 24/7.

However choosing the correct Interactive Voice Response system (IVR) is crucial. A poor quality IVR will only make the customer experience worse.

Our Network Interactive Voice Response can be set up in just five business days and it provides a highly professional and secure system.

So you never have to put a customer or client on hold again.

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Help your organisation to get


Increased customer satisfaction
Directing callers to the appropriate destination automatically via their keypad means they aren’t transferred through numerous departments or waiting on hold.


Location based call routing
Allows customers to be transferred to their nearest store or office by entering their postcode on the keypad.


Single number advertising
Use the same number across all marketing collateral so when a customer calls they will be redirected based on location or request.


Pre-recorded information
Free up operator “talk time” and eliminate the telephone receptionist with our 24x7 caller information standard menu.


Reduce costs
Efficient and effective contact centres, professional studio audio and greetings and easily scale up for a once off event.


Potential business impact


  • Enhanced customer service
  • Increased agent availability
  • Enable customers to self serve

Ideal for companies with

  • Customers who want to self serve
  • Large call volumes
  • Spikes in call volumes
  • Single or multiple locations

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