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Send inbound callers in the right direction.

Use auto-response to automatically direct customers' calls
and provide self-service solutions.

The ideal solution for transactions and account management

When you have to deal with a high volume of customer calls that involve repetitive tasks and call steering, it’s important to find an automated solution that can reliably manage the volume.

Enterprise Speech Solutions (ESS) does just that.

It’s ideal for carrying out secure transactions, customer account management and more. It uses Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to automatically direct customers' calls and offer them self-service solutions.

Customers can verbally navigate through the voice menus, or use the keypad on their phone.

The voice menus can be recorded either in your own voice or with one of our professional voice talents.

ESS works in conjunction with our inbound services, such as Priority One3®, Priority1300®, Freecall™ 1800 and Freecall™ One8™, and can be developed into a totally integrated solution.

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Help your organisation to get


Large scale call processing capacity
Service every customer whatever time of the day they call, no matter how busy you are.


High customer satisfaction
Voice recognition and our locator application mean customers can quickly and accurately be routed to different locations, branches, departments and individuals.


Improved resource management
With automated messages, you can inform, educate and notify customers of any new important information such as faults and outages.


Scalability and reliability
ESS is hosted centrally and securely within our network, with full geographic redundancy so that you can cater for unexpected peaks in traffic.


Future proofing
Our open standards architecture will interface with all CTI, IVR platforms, gateways and customer data sources, and is optimised so that you can deal with any flexibility or compatibility issues that may arise.


Potential business impact


  • Reduced cost per call
  • Win staff time to focus on high value opportunities

Ideal for companies with

  • Large or small call requirements
  • Different locations

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