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Simplify and optimise your call centre

A flexible and reliable way to manage your customer service operations.

Why pay for functions you don't use?

Your customers are important to you and you want to give them the best experience possible when they make contact. But your call volumes don’t really warrant a ‘big’ customer contact solution.

What you need is an efficient, flexible and reliable way to deliver the best experience you can without paying for functions you don’t really use.

Our Total Contact Centre keeps things simple by offering a cloud hosted solution with remote login functionality and multimedia services.

Whichever way you interact with your customers - inbound, outbound, blended interactions, fax, email or web chat – Total Contact Centre lets you respond efficiently.

We also offer effective workforce management tools; remote monitoring and recording; reporting tools and dashboards; national agent-leg call costs; and access to your current customer management or back-end systems.

Just as importantly, we keep critical data safe and accessible, so you don’t have to worry about security issues or transferring the data onto our hosted platform.

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Help your organisation to get


Increased functionality
Our inbound/outbound diallers merge with your existing technology to extend capability and functionality and optimise your workforce.


Flexibility and efficiency
Centralised management enhances decision-making, while remote monitoring and recording increases productivity.


No capital investment is required, plus you’ll reduce the cost of internal IT resources. Pay for what you need, when you need it.


Options to suit you
Adjust licenses and capabilities up or down as required.


Support and security
Confidential data can be accessed locally on your on-premise data stores. We provide continuous, high-quality support and upgrades so you stay ahead of competitors.


Potential business impact

  • Less capital investment
  • Optimised workforce
  • Better monitoring

Ideal for companies with


  • Lower call volumes