Intelligent multi-channel contact management.

A powerfully sophisticated contact management system that helps build customer loyalty.

Today, your customers increasingly want to engage with you on their terms.

With Avaya Contact Centre's intelligent routing, the appropriate agents can reply on your customers' preferred channel while having full access to their interaction history. That means they can respond faster and personalise the experience to build customer loyalty. Smart self-service features also assist your customers to manage interactions when it suits, and free your agents for high value activities.

Avaya Contact Centre provides powerful intelligence through sophisticated real-time and historical reports. This allows you to gain a deeper understanding of customers, assess current and future contact centre performance, and improve operational efficiency.

An IP based platform, Avaya enables you to easily manage a distributed workforce over the internet or our networks. You can quickly scale to meet peaks in demand and satisfy your agents' desire for work/life flexibility. Our support also helps you reduce management complications.

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Help your organisation to get


More personalised customer service
Use customer history across multiple contact channels to personalise experience and build loyalty.


Increased customer convenience
Help customers to self-serve more efficiently to save them time and effort.


Better workforce management
Intelligent routing and reporting can help your agents deliver more value to customers and your business.


Greater flexibility
Quickly scale to meet demand fluctuations. Lower real estate costs and staffing issues by enabling agents to work from home.


Quality assurance and risk mitigation
Apply advanced voice analytics to monitor service quality, as well as manage and mitigate risk.


Potential business impact

  • Improved customer service and loyalty
  • Streamlined processes and lower costs
  • More efficient management
  • Better capacity planning

Ideal for companies with


  • Multi-channel contact management
  • Seasonal demand fluctuations
  • Distributed workforces
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