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Help your staff to be moreagile and flexible

An all-in-one Cloud Collaboration solution delivering voice, video, chat and presence.

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You need to keep pace with the speed and range of communications today.

But why put up with the complications of managing infrastructure?

Cloud Collaboration-TIPT is a complete unified communications solution that's simple, flexible and scalable, and highly reliable. It allows you to converge voice, video and data on one network while providing a consistent user experience across devices and locations.

TIPT is a proven and leading solution used both within Telstra and by our customers. It's underpinned by the reach, reliability and security of our networks. We continually invest in our networks and cloud infrastructure so you always access the most advanced capabilities.

You can start TIPT as small as you want, and easily expand features and add options as your business grows. TIPT can integrate with your current equipment, while being a fully managed cloud service meaning you don't have to maintain hardware. Subscription-based pricing makes budgeting simple.

Available over the Internet

TIPT is now also available over any compatible network, anywhere you have internet in Australia. Adopt cloud collaboration over your preferred internet service, including Telstra Broadband and NBN. See Our Customer Terms for more information.

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Virtual Meeting Room (VMR)

Host multi-party video meetings using one dial-in number on any compatible device.

Dial in via in-room systems, desk phones, or take video meetings on the road with your smartphone or tablet.

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Download the VMR Companion App

Get the tools to run even more productive meetings:

  • Lock meeting rooms, remove or mute participants to eliminate disruptions.
  • Keep them in a waiting room until you are ready to start your meeting.

The VMR Companion app is available for download on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

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Enjoy the best of the desk phone on your mobile. Combine landline and mobile communications to improve the way you work with this powerful add-on.

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Help your organisation to get


Bring your people together more easily and quickly to share information. Deliver a seamless and consistent user experience across multiple devices and locations, while reducing the cost and complications of management.


Flexibility and scalability
Customise your solution from a range of plans, features and end points, and scale as needed. Use video to connect with customers and colleagues, take TIPT on the road with the UC-One app, develop apps with the TIPT App Development Environment, or run call centre services.


You can rely on our intelligent networks to ensure performance, reliability and security. The Telstra Next IP® network and Telstra Mobile Network form Australia’s largest integrated national IP platform.


Drive productivity and innovation
Help enable your staff to be more agile and responsive, adapt to market change faster, and foster new and more flexible ways of working.



Potential business impact

  • Improve productivity and collaboration
  • Drive business agility
  • Help mobilise the workforce
  • Flexible work conditions

Build your TIPT in 4 simple steps



to suit your

User pack options:

Choose from Basic, Standard or Executive pack from a simple phone number, to advanced features.



from handsets
to video rooms

Choices of handsets and video devices:

Choose from wide variety of endpoints. From a basic phone, or office video phone, to a fully featured video meeting room.

A restricted list of endpoints are available for TIPT over the internet. Speak to your Account Executive for more information.



to meet your
business needs

Customisable options such as:

  • TIPT Call Centre*
  • Advanced Receptionist Console, MiReception*
  • Mobility with soft client
  • Unified messaging
  • Microsoft LyncTM Integration
  • Virtual Meeting Room

*Currently not available for TIPT over the internet



to suit your
business needs

Pick from our optional calling plans:

Enables you to better manage your variable costs and provide certainty and peace of mind.

TIPT Complete plans

With TIPT Complete plans, you'll have more certainty around call costs for your TIPT. The plans give you unlimited local and long distance calls within Australia for a fixed price, plus you have the option of unlimited fixed to mobile calls in Australia.

If you're thinking of taking up a new TIPT service, the TIPT Complete plans are a great way to calculate your total service costs including calls.

Choose the plan that suits your needs:




20+ services

Unlimited local and national long distance calls within Australia

Minimum 20 services and no maximum number of services

Only available on 36 month contract term


20+ services

Unlimited local and national long distance calls and fixed to mobile calls within Australia

Minimum 20 services and no maximum number of services

Only available on 36 month contract term

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