Bare metal by the hour or month

Provision a bare-metal server in minutes, from US$0.71 per hour (around AU$0.94 plus GST). Virtual servers from US$0.05 per hour (AU$0.06 plus GST).


Bare-metal power with global reach

Move to the highest performing cloud with dedicated bare metal or virtual servers, across local and globally networked data centres. With enterprise grade security and flexibility, you can easily move VMware Solutions workloads to the IBM Cloud.

The IBM Cloud platform offers you: 

  • Power – bare-metal high-performance servers on demand
  • Flexibility a choice of physical or virtual server configurations, pay by the hour or month
  • Control manage resources using an online portal, APIs or mobile app
  • Reach a large, global network of data centres with high-speed interconnect

Purchase the IBM Cloud platform with Telstra and start configuring your service within minutes.

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Bare-metal pre-configured services recommended by Telstra are ready to go now in the IBM Cloud Customer Portal.

We bill your IBM Cloud service in Australian dollars or, if you’re outside Australia, as outlined in your billing agreement. Learn more

See the IBM Cloud pricing list for more details

Using IBM Cloud platform

Build out a tailored solution for your legacy and customised apps with a wide range of operating systems, hypervisor and physical blade options for maximum control.

Bare-metal power

Select from bare-metal servers built to your own specifications, or a choice of standard configurations for on-demand provisioning in under four hours. Option of hourly or monthly pricing.

Virtual servers

Virtual servers are customisable and can be deployed in minutes on a multi-tenant or dedicated environment. Virtual servers can be used seamlessly alongside IBM Cloud platform bare-metal servers.

Wide range of resources

Select from a range of hypervisors, operating systems and software, plus storage options, automatic backup, email delivery, firewalls and load balancing.



Automation and control
Choose from a web portal, mobile app or IBM Cloud platform API to manage your service. The IBM Cloud platform API has over 3,000 documented methods across 180 services.


Global data centre locations
Enterprise-grade infrastructure in data centres across Australia, Asia, North America and Europe. Growing to 40 data centres across the globe.


Internal networks
Networks to separate and secure public, private and management traffic between IBM Cloud platform data centres, with high-speed 10Gbps transit connections and unmetered bandwidth.


Developer support
The IBM Cloud Development Network contains a comprehensive knowledge base, blogs and forums to share best practices.


Why us

Telstra IP network connection
Australian customers: make the most of your existing Telstra IP network service - connect your private network easily and seamlessly to your IBM Cloud platform via Cloud Gateway.

International customers: Cloud Gateway for IBM Cloud is coming soon.

A world of choice
IBM Cloud platform is one of our many cloud services. You can expand and complement your solution with Telstra’s range of private cloud, public cloud, network services and applications. Simplify and reduce management overheads by consolidating multiple cloud service providers on a single Telstra bill.

Confidence in your cloud
IBM Cloud services come with a Telstra account relationship. There’s no vendor technology lock-in, and you get pay by the hour options and expert support when you need it.

Objective expertise on call 
Whether it’s transitioning to the cloud, moving cloud platforms or adapting new technology, our consulting and partner services can help you maximise value and make technical decisions to support your business needs.

1. Purchase

Get started with a IBM Cloud service today.



  • Charges for your IBM Cloud service will only start once you order services in the IBM Cloud Customer Portal.
  • IBM Cloud services are quoted in US dollars in the IBM Cloud Customer Portal.
  • Telstra bills your IBM Cloud service in Australian dollars or, if you’re outside Australia, as outlined in your billing agreement.
  • Learn more about IBM Cloud platform billing.

How to register for a IBM Cloud service from Telstra


2. Configure

Upon registration, you’ll receive an email from Telstra and an email from IBM Cloud platform with a username and one-use password to the IBM Cloud Customer Portal.

Enter the IBM Cloud Customer Portal to:

  • Reset your password
  • Select a pre-configured quote from Accounts > Sales > Quotes
  • Alternatively, configure your own combination of virtual and bare metal servers, storage, network resources and data centre locations
  • Order and start using services in minutes
  • Manage your service or use IBM Cloud APIs
  • Access the Cloud Services Portal using your Telstra username and password to add and modify users   

How to order a IBM Cloud service pre-configured for Telstra customers

How to order a IBM Cloud custom configuration service from Telstra


3. Manage

Manage parts of your IBM Cloud service via Telstra’s Cloud Services Portal, a central starting point to manage all of your Telstra cloud services.

Customers outside Australia: Cloud Gateway for IBM Cloud will be available soon.

How to manage your IBM Cloud service via the Telstra Cloud Services Portal.

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