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  • Innovative Public Cloud with AWS

    World-leading AWS public cloud with secure application performance and access to hybrid cloud environments.

    Gateway to Public Cloud transformation

    Empower your business with the world leading Amazon Web Service cloud platform through Telstra – with the added confidence of Cloud Gateway for security and application performance.

    Improve competitiveness in the digital age with our broader technology and AWS expertise. We’ll help you simplify, connect and manage the right cloud and network technology, creating platforms that power your business towards strategic and transformational outcomes.

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    Competing in the digital age

    Two-thirds of the CEOs of global 2000 enterprises will have digital transformation at the centre of their corporate strategy by the end of 2017*. A cloud-native mindset is critical to building competitiveness and constant innovation across your operations, staff and customers in today’s fast paced environment.

    Getting started with public cloud can be very simple. But creating platforms that enable value creation is more complex - digitising workflows and customer interactions, modernising work practices, or getting new products to market quicker. These transformational outcomes require strategic planning and technology adoption that combines the application with the cloud, underpinned by the network.

    Source: ‘Transform Or Die: IDC Top Technology predictions for 2016.

    Amazon Web Service from Telstra

    A globally proven cloud service, pre-integrated with secure and private connectivity backed by localised expertise, support and broader cloud and network capabilities.

    Download the Telstra Cloud - Amazon Web Services Data Sheet

    hybrid simplified

    Hybrid Simplified

    Enable innovation and growth with scalable and feature rich hybrid cloud environments delivered with the simplicity and efficiency of one provider.

    Secure Application Performance

    Secure Application Performance

    Amazon Web Services is combined with Telstra’s high performance Cloud Gateway service, improving application performance and minimising potential unreliability of using open internet.

    Optimise and Strategise

    Optimise and Strategise

    Our technology and expertise can complement your in-house capability to select, combine, and support the right cloud and technology strategy.

    Some of the possibilities

    Web Applications

    Deliver websites, services and applications to online users globally, with a great experience across devices - and scale to meet peak demand.

    Reference Architecture


    Safely and effectively support the explosive growth of data inside your organisation, while reducing the load on in-house storage for improved cost efficiency

    Reference Architecture

    Hybrid Cloud

    Create secure Hybrid environments that build on your existing private cloud or data centre services, and take advantage of cutting edge cloud technology to scale out and increase agility.

    Reference Architecture 

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    Connect multiple devices to collect data and control remotely from smartphones and tablets, to create operational efficiency or new business models.

    Reference Architecture


    AWS cloud

    • AWS Management Console
    • Rich and expanding features
    • Quick to deploy and remove services
    • Migrate your current AWS account services to Telstra

    Global scale and reach

    • Massive scalability
    • Two AWS POP locations in Australia
    • 11 pops in key regions worldwide
    • 53 edge locations

    Cloud Gateway

    • Private and secure connectivity to the AWS cloud
    • Choice of connecting to our Next IP ® service or direct to site.
    • Range of bandwidth options starting from 50Mbps

    Service and Support

    • Telstra provided support and assurance model*
    • Covers both network and cloud services
    • Service Level Agreements

    *excluding AWS Direct customers

    Cloud choice and flexibility

    Cloud choice and flexibility

    As a multi-cloud provider, we offer choice and flexibility with an expanding range of leading private and public cloud platforms, plus a thriving Apps Marketplaceto enable a complete cloud strategy for your distinct business needs.


    Network management

    Our heritage in networks include the Telstra Next IP ® network, Telstra Mobile Network and Content Delivery services. They provide global reach with exceptional speed and reliability. Our Next IP ® network is certified to stringent international standards (ISO27001).

    Expert cloud partners

    Expert cloud partners

    Our extensive national network of expert cloud partners can tailor solutions to address your IT workloads and platform preferences, or help design, build, transition and operate cloud solutions for peak performance and business results.

      Amazon Web Services Cloud Gateway for AWS (required)
    Set-up Fee $1,000 once off
    Monthly fees Platform usage charged monthly to your Telstra bill based on consumed services configured in the AWS management console.

    AWS price list (in $US)
    Cloud Gateway:
    Started from $200* per month

    AWS Ports:
    Starting from 50Mbps at $0.03 USD/hour per port

    AWS Data Transfer:
    Charged per GB out from $0.045 USD (Australia AWS Locations)

    Term Month by month Month by month or fixed term available
    Support Desk Included in platform usage fees, a single contact point for getting a fault fixed from network to cloud

    Things you need to know:

    • Available to registered Australian businesses and organisations 
    • You must have an eligible Telstra Next IP® service. 
    • Both Cloud Gateway and Azure must be purchased on the same Telstra account. 
    • Cloud Gateway requires an active AWS Direct Connect service 
    • Prices exclude GST, any applicable GST will be added to the price and appear on your Telstra bill.

    Simplify your options

    Not sure how to best align the benefits of Cloud with your business strategy?

    Our Cloud Assessment can offer a comprehensive insight into your IT environment, pinpoint how we can best bring it together for your cloud evolution. We can simplify your options and identify the best choices for your requirements – all mapped out in a report.

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