Maximising your data agility

Data sprawl between providers is a potential issue due to the exponential growth of data both created and stored by organisations. Learn how to keep data agile.

What this means for your business

To maximise your data agility, data needs to be accessible and centralised. Data is the ultimate measure of value for an organisation, it’s the intellectual property that helps differentiate an organisation from its competition. This is where data sprawl poses challenges for developers and users who want to access and make use of it, particularly for analytics purposes. As the volume of data created and stored continues to grow exponentially, it becomes imperative to solve the problem of maximising data agility.

Typically, when organisations run into storage limits they either buy more physical hardware, transfer some data sets to the public cloud or find another location. However, organisations need to consider the complexity of moving their data around from one provider to another.

Telstra blueprint for success

What does success look like? Success is having full visibility of, and secure access to, all your data across multiple cloud platforms.

Organisations can use virtual storage solutions to decouple the data storage and compute functions to keep control, move environments seamlessly as required and reduce costs. It empowers organisations to take advantage of the flexibility of public cloud while ensuring data remains secure.

By locating centralised data storage near major cloud services and linking them with high-speed connection, the business will benefit from high performance and low latency while keeping their data secure in a trusted facility. Furthermore, it enables enterprises to improve their own agility by making it easier and more cost-effective to migrate data between different tiers of storage performance while delivering data services to end users. Developers can make instant copies of data for use in test environments and only consume a fraction of the original data footprint, without having to take an application out of service.

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Avoiding data sprawl

Find out how to maximise the value of your data and avoid data sprawl.

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